CRYPTO WEEKLY 28th June 2018

Launched more than six years ago, PPCoin was the first token project to implement proof-of-stake.

Andreesen Horowitz is launching a $300M crypto fund
After making numerous investments in startups like Coinbase and Filecoin, the storied VC firm is striking out on its own by launching a separate $300M crypto fund that aims to invest in promising crypto projects on a decade-long investment horizon.

Hiring for your blockchain project? Here’s how to create an expert team
When building a blockchain startup, having an all-star team is critical. With hiring top talent more difficult than ever, it’s important to define what your project’s unique value proposition will be for prospective team members.

This is a comprehensive look at the state of crypto this summer
This piece does an excellent job at providing a brief analysis of the key developments and performance of major tokens so far this year, ranging from key players like Bitcoin to newer crypto projects like Chia and DFINITY.

Take a look at how much proof-of-stake has evolved since PPCoin
Launched more than six years ago, PPCoin was the first token project to implement proof-of-stake. But the technology has been refined considerably since then, and it’s now critical to almost every new crypto platform.

Bitcoin’s price may be set to rise after 250M new Tethers hit the market
Despite dipping in price, the value of Bitcoin may be poised to rebound after Tether released $250M worth of its cryptocurrency to the market. The increase in stablecoins is an indicator of the additional capital flowing into crypto, which may help fuel positive investor sentiment.

Dive deep into the hashing controversy, and why its critical to Bitcoin’s future
The hashing controversy earlier this month triggered an outcry among the crypto community. In this piece, security researcher Adam Caudill takes a closer look at why too much zealotry has the potential to undermine many crypto projects.

Robinhood is looking to challenge Coinbase in the crypto space
Robinhood is quietly expanding its portfolio of crypto products, putting it on track to compete directly with Coinbase in the coming months. The fintech startup is moving forward with plans to build its own crypto wallet service, among other crypto products.

44 Bitcoin forks have emerged in recent months, leading to investor skepticism
In less than a year, dozens of Bitcoin forks have taken place – sometimes for good reason, sometimes not – and investors are concerned. Despite the proliferation of forks, hardly any are gaining traction in the crypto markets.


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