Crypto Weekly 28th December 2018 Market News

The comprehensive guide to public key cryptography
This is an insightful deep-dive on the origins of public key cryptography, how it really works from a technical standpoint, and why it has so many interesting applications in the blockchain space.Users report losing Bitcoin in a clever hack of Electrum wallets
Last week, an injection of dozens of malicious servers into the Electrum network resulted in users losing nearly $750K in Bitcoin, and according to Electrum executives, more attacks are likely on the way.

Here’s how Grid+ is using crypto to transform the way people pay for everything
Grid+ is an Austin-based startup that spun off from ConsenSys and is now building a platform that allows users to pay for nearly anything (even their utility bills) through crypto – all without using a middleman.

A flood of questionable cryptocurrency offerings
This in-depth piece highlights hundreds of potentially fraudulent crypto projects, and it’s a great way to cross-check one’s own investments and ensure you’re not falling prey to identity theft (or worse).

Don’t trust, verify: a Bitcoin Private case study
Bitcoin Private (BTCP) is a fork-merge of Bitcoin and ZClassic, and this case study outlines why the fork-merge was executed – and why a secret premine happened in the process as well.

As Bitcoin sinks, industry startups are being forced to cut back
As the crypto bear market seems set to last through the end of the year, even the largest startups in the industry are feeling the heat – even Bitmain, the largest crypto miner in the world, is reportedly set to lay off 50% of its staff in the near future.

A Coinbase exec has just revealed what’s behind the company’s new listing strategy
For a long time, Coinbase only listed three tokens – but that’s all changing, as the company is now pursuing a new customer-driven strategy that will see it list more coins than ever moving forward.

How to handle your Bitcoin and crypto losses for tax purposes this year
The bright side of the volatility in the crypto markets this year is that crypto losses can actually be used to offset some types of capital gains for tax purposes – here’s how to do exactly that.

Inside South Korea’s booming blockchain industry
After a massive crackdown on cryptocurrencies last year, South Korea’s crypto craze turned into a blockchain boom. The country is now home to dozens of startups, many of which are partnering directly with the government on innovative use cases in the public sector.


  • Check out this year’s Cloudflare Christmas cryptography challenge. Link
  • Japanese internet giant GMO has announced that it will no longer develop, manufacture, and sell cryptocurrency mining machines. Link
  • is about to demonstrate how to crack hardware wallets on a grand scale. Link
  • Here’s a handy list of media sites and blogs covering crypto news. Link
  • Binance adds TRX/XRP and XZC/XRP trading pairs. Link
  • This is a great interview with Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong. Link
  • Dutch crypto startup Libereum has just acquired a Spanish football club. Link
  • Two crypto software platforms are merging to create tools for institutional investors. Link
  • A crypto miner has just been arrested for using $3M in public electricity to mine $14M in crypto. Link
  • KuCoin is delisting 10 tokens as crypto market liquidity declines. Link
  • Binance is hiring a Global Marketing Specialist in Singapore. Link
  • Join the Israel Bitcoin Summit from Jan 8-9, 2019. Link
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