CRYPTO WEEKLY 27th July 2018 Market News


  • BTC: $7,965.36 | +$634.68 (+8.72%) since last week
  • ETH: $463.18 | +$18.80 (+4.72%) since last week
  • LTC: $82.87 | +$1.86 (+1.03%) since last week

According to some analysts, crypto won’t find mainstream adoption until the requirement of a wallet address goes away. This is because using 3rd party solutions for storing crypto is seen by some as a security vulnerability.

Here’s the lowdown on the seven types of crypto assets worth getting to know
There are hundreds of crypto assets available for investment on the market today, but according to the authors of “Blockchain Revolution”, these are the seven tokens worth doubling down on and learning more about.

This is how crypto prices are really set in the markets
This piece from CoinTelegraph does an excellent job of explaining how crypto prices are set and how the main market forces can cause the value of a token to go up and down, as well as some great points on crypto price predictions.

Meet the startup that’s looking to combat fake news by putting journalism on the blockchain
Journalism startup Civil is looking to put the entire news cycle on the blockchain. Last year it received $5M in funding to build its blockchain-based news platform, which will compensate journalists in tokens (which can also be retracted for news articles with questionable content).

Take a look at Coinbase’s key accomplishments in Q2 – and what they have planned for next quarter
Coinbase is the juggernaut of the crypto world at the moment, and this recap of what happened for the company in Q2 backs it up – from major investments via Coinbase Ventures to the launch of Coinbase Custody, it’s been a busy quarter for the company.

According to AMD, its crypto chipmaking boom is over
In the chipmaker’s most recent earnings call this week, it announced that its boom in crypto mining-related sales had slowed, and that blockchain-related chip sales will likely make up a smaller part of its business moving forward.

Check out CoinGecko’s Q2 State of Crypto Report
CoinGecko has just released its quarterly review of the crypto landscape, and it contains a multitude of insights – ranging from reviews of the latest ICOs to an analysis of the Dapp ecosystem’s growth and evolution.

Investment behemoth BlackRock is planning a big expansion into crypto
BlackRock is setting up a working group to investigate how the firm might be able to enter the crypto markets in the coming months. The move marks for a turnaround for the company, which previously said it was opposed to getting involved in crypto.

For crypto to live, the wallet address must die
According to some analysts, crypto won’t find mainstream adoption until the requirement of a wallet address goes away. This is because using 3rd party solutions for storing crypto is seen by some as a security vulnerability.

Here’s why Stripe is saying no to crypto and blockchain (for now)
According to Stripe’s COO, the company still isn’t considering processing crypto payments due to the network’s lack of ability to scale and make transactions quickly, as well as crypto’s present price volatility.

China’s citizens are using Ethereum to combat unsafe vaccines
After the recent vaccine scandal that hit China, its citizens decided to fight back by storing articles about the unsafe vaccines (which would otherwise be censored) on a blockchain that users could access and read from.


  • TokenDemoDay is on Tuesday. Have you registered yet? Link
  • Meet AsiaTechList, our new hand-researched list of 4,000+ fast-growing tech companies in Asia. Link
  • One of Asia’s largest asset managers is launching a crypto custody solution. Link
  • This week, Coinbase Commerce just crossed the $10M threshold in terms of crypto accepted. Link
  • Dash is now reportedly the widest-used token in Venezuela. Link
  • In a Wall Street first, institutional investors swapped BTC futures for physical Bitcoin. Link
  • If you can hack into John McAfee’s “unhackable wallet”, you’ll win $100K. Link
  • India’s government has announced that crypto regulation will be ready by September. Link
  • The G20 has issued a communique outlining Bitcoin’s potential benefits to the global financial system. Link
  • The Winklevoss twins’s ETF has been rejected by the SEC. Link
  • Gibraltar’s official crypto exchange is now up and running. Link
  • Bitcoin’s price is surging as the global crypto market begins to rebound. Link
  • City of Zion is looking for a remote Marketing Maintainer. Link
  • This scooter company is raising $125M in funding through crypto. Link
  • One of the world’s largest crypto mining companies has abruptly terminated hundreds of contracts. Link
  • South Korea’s regulators are pushing to issue a new bill on crypto as soon as possible. Link
  • Join the Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto on August 15-16. Link
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