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  • BTC: $9,237.00 | +$1,132.14 (+13.85%) since last week
  • ETH: $679.02 | +$165.51 (+32.23%) since last week
  • LTC: $162.21 | +$25.32 (+18.50%) since last week


William Mougayar shares his State of the Token Market in a new report
Renowned crypto investor William Mougayar has just released his latest “State of the Token Market” presentation, and insights abound. The most useful pieces are Mougayar’s take on the disconnect between the value of tokens and their valuations, as well as his analysis on the current division in the crypto regulatory landscape.

Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song explains why Bitcoin works so well for today’s society
Everyone knows that Bitcoin has tremendous power and has taken the financial world by storm, but not many seem to know why exactly it’s working so well. According to Song, this is primarily because inflation factors heavily into time preference, and users in the current day and age have a newfound desire to truly own their currency (something that simply isn’t possible with fiat today).

The Rise and Fall of the National Crypto Movement
Along with the rise of ICOs last year came a sharp uptick in activity around the “National Crypto Movement”, roughly defined as digital tokens being issued as currency by a given state or country. However, none of these token projects have actually come to fruition yet, and the lessons learned from this lack of the adoption will prove useful to crypto founders.

Kraken’s revised stance on crypto regulation is revealing
After the New York Attorney General submitted a request to the crypto exchange for client information, the exchange responded by releasing a lengthy clarification of its stance on regulation in a snarky retort that is both a clearly-worded response and a condemnation of what most regulators are getting wrong about legislating crypto.

This is why America’s biggest bank is going all-in on crypto
Once American banking giant JP Morgan announced a groundbreaking partnership with Zcash, the rest of the crypto community took notice. The firm is showing it’s serious about adopting blockchain technology, and it’s on the cutting edge of the effort to transform the financial services industry through cryptocurrencies.

With innovation-friendly regulations, Malta is quickly becoming a hub of the crypto world
After attracting two of the world’s largest crypto exchanges to its shores, Malta has quickly become a power to be reckoned with for attracting crypto talent. It’s done this primarily through an open and curious approach to crypto, which is reflected in the country’s regulations set by its Prime Minister and financial regulatory commission.

The case for central bank electronic money (and the non-case for cryptocurrencies)
In this brief from the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis, one team of academics has determined the delineation between electronic money and cryptocurrencies in the context of central banking – and surprisingly enough, it thinks that electronic money (rather than cryptocurrencies) might be a more elegant solution.

The biggest crypto tax debate is really about something you might not have considered yet
After much back-and-forth in the crypto community, most experts seem to have reached agreement on how the tax code should be interpreted in the context of cryptocurrencies – but one of the most significant remaining issues is the actual mechanics of reporting, and how crypto holders can file correctly to avoid run-ins with the tax authorities.


  • Join Vitalik Buterin and others on July 6, at TechCrunch Sessions in Zug. Link
  • Meet Shift, the first US bitcoin debit card. Link
  • This $99m Litecoin trade took just 25 minutes and $0.40 in fees to complete. Link
  • Goldman Sachs has just made its first crypto hire to build out a trading desk. Link
  • Orchid is set to raise $125m in one of this year’s largest token sales. Link
  • Wikileaks calls for a boycott of Coinbase after being blocked from using the service. Link
  • The Chinese megacity of Shenzhen is launching a $79m blockchain investment fund. Link
  • Binance is hiring a Cryptocurrency Project Analyst. Link
  • Join the Cryptocurrency Fund Forum in London on June 6th. Link
  • SelfKey will provide KYC and identity advisory services to Coin Janitor.
  • Another great Unchained podcast episode covering trends in crypto. Link
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