CRYPTO WEEKLY 22nd May 2018


  • BTC: $8,279.02 | -$490.01 (-5.59%) since last week
  • ETH: $684.01 | -$48.98 (-6.55%) since last week
  • LTC: $133.04 | -$13.39 (-9.04%) since last week

Here’s how Coinbase is building the first true crypto empire
Through a combination of considered growth and strategic acquisitions, Coinbase has become arguably the world’s first “full stack” crypto firm. It’s done this by working with regulators (rather than against them) and gaining auditors’ approval at every step.

PayPal’s first COO: How Blockchain Will Change Investing
According to one of PayPal’s founding members, security tokens are poised to upend the world of investing, and being able to fractionally purchase real estate will likely be one of the first use cases for this technology.

Here’s a detailed analysis of how Bitcoin batching works
This deep-dive does a great job of outlining the technical aspects of how batching works, while also analyzing how it could help resolve some of Bitcoin’s key scalability issues. Batching involves combining many outputs into one transaction, which in theory would make Bitcoin’s network more efficient.

A new libertarian floating city will have 300 homes, its own government, and its own cryptocurrency
Almost a decade after its inception, Peter Thiel’s Seasteading Institute is about to launch its pilot project – a floating island city in French Polynesia that will have its own government and cryptocurrency (reportedly called Varyon).

Can China’s “Mr. Blockchain” stack up more coins?
Da Hongfei, the founder and CEO of NEO (arguably China’s most successful cryptocurrency) recently caught up with CNN to discuss his recent trip to Trust Square, Zurich’s blockchain hub, as well as his future plans for the platform.

From JPMorgan to a Blockchain Startup: Amber Baldet Unveils Her Latest Project
After leaving the investment bank earlier this year, Baldet announced her latest venture, Clovyr, at the Consensus conference this week. Clovyr is a suite of blockchain development tools that allow enterprises to easily deploy their projects to the cloud.

Binance Doubles Referral Rewards
This week, the world’s largest crypto exchange announced that referral commissions will be doubled to 40% for all accounts holding 400 BNB or more, starting this week. Commissions will be dynamically calculated based on each user’s holdings.

By the end of this year, 0.5% of the world’s energy consumption will be driven by crypto mining
Using a set of standard economic theories, one researcher has estimated that half a percent of the world’s energy consumption will be driven by crypto mining this year. Despite this, energy efficiency should continue to improve as block sizes are halved over the coming years.

This year, VC funding for blockchain projects globally has already surpassed 2017
After a banner year for ICOs last year, many predicted that the hype would die down. That hasn’t proved to be the case, and more investors than ever are pouring money into crypto, with more raised in the first 5 months of this year than all of 2017.

Here’s why Russians are playing an outsized role in crypto development
Despite crypto being decentralized, a disproportionate number of founders originate from Russia. This is due to both a high-quality concentration of intellectual capital and a low-performing economy that is driving many into the space.


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  • ICON announces landmark partnership with Japanese messaging giant LINE. Link
  • Former UK Visa CEO takes helm of crypto consumer payment startup. Link
  • Coinbase announces a new suite of products for institutional investors. Link
  • Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck is plotting its comeback. Link
  • The world’s dominant crypto-mining company wants to own AI. Link
  • Walmart has filed a patent for a blockchain-powered online marketplace. Link
  • Aragon’s developer portal has just launched. Link
  • Abra now supports direct deposits and withdrawals for LTC. Link
  • Dan Ariely speaks on building new credit models with blockchain. Link
  • Etherscan has released a new suite of tools for crypto investors. Link
  • Meet OpenNode,  simple way to accept bitcoin. Link
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