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After nearly a billion dollars of crypto was moved to a number of sub wallets by a single user, speculation has been rampant about who the mystery owner is.

A Winklevoss-backed stablecoin could be more important to crypto than a Bitcoin ETF
Earlier this week, the Winklevoss brothers released a stablecoin in partnership with crypto exchange Gemini. The stablecoin is backed by US dollars, and is seen by many as one of the first truly legitimate stablecoins to enter the market.Who moved $1B in Bitcoin out of cold storage? Here are some theories
After nearly a billion dollars of crypto was moved to a number of sub wallets by a single user, speculation has been rampant about who the mystery owner is. Some believe the funds are related to the now-defunct, while others think it could be Craig Wright himself.

ICOs Sold 160,000 Ethereum Over the Past 10 Days
In the past 10 days, Initial Coin Offering (ICO) projects have sold three times more Ethereum (ETH) than they did in August, according to research by TrustNodes published September 13. Per TrustNodes, ICO projects sold 82,000 ETH on September 4, which was followed by a sharp decline in crypto markets.

Inside the Bitmain rival looking to build the world’s best crypto mining chip
Bitewei is a Shenzhen-based hardware startup that’s raised $20M in funding to help it build the world’s fastest crypto mining machine – if successful, it could pose a serious threat to Bitmain, currently the world leader in crypto mining.

Olaf Carlson-Wee rode the Bitcoin boom to riches – but can he survive the crash?
As head of the largest crypto hedge fund, Carlson-Wee is grappling with how to ensure steady returns for clients in the face of a bear market. Nonetheless, Polychain Capital is continuing to invest in the market, even after subsequent downturns.

One of the world’s first Bitcoin mutual funds has just launched in Canada
First Block Capital has just announced the launch of one the first Bitcoin mutual funds. Registered in Canada, the fund will be available on NEO Connect and will be accessible to all accredited investors.

Here’s why Wall Street’s embrace could end up breaking Bitcoin
There’s no question on whether or not crypto is gaining traction on Wall Street – but whether that’s a good thing or not is still a matter of debate. Some are concerned BTC will be treated as a conventional asset, which could negatively impact the market in the long run.

Crypto’s 80% plunge is now worse than the dotcom crash
After additional losses among Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies this week, the market’s plunge over the past nine months has now surpassed the dotcom crash in terms of dollars wiped off the market cap of token projects.

Money Crypto vs Tech Crypto: a tale of two narratives
This piece does a good job of breaking down the two main schools of thought around crypto. One is a mindset of crypto as a payment method (such as Bitcoin Cash), while the opposing school of thought sees crypto as a way to redefine how the internet works.

What is crypto custody, and why does it matter?
Crypto custody is an emerging trend in the world of institutionalized crypto investing, and it gives crypto investors the ability to securely invest in the markets while having their funds overseen by a qualified custodian.


  • Binance is partnering with the government of Malta to launch a security token platform. Link
  • Here are 50+ creative, real-world use cases of blockchain technology. Link
  • Meet Bitcharge, an easy way for freelancers to accept crypto payments. Link
  • Morgan Stanley is planning to roll out Bitcoin trading for its clients. Link
  • Bitcoin Tracker One and Ethereum Tracker One have been blocked by the SEC. Link
  • Defying all logic, Dogecoin is up more than 160% over the past few months. Link
  • Kraken is hiring a Crypto Research Associate in San Francisco. Link
  • Join the Blockchain Innovators Summit on September 23 in Pebble Beach. Link
  • National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia joins RippleNet. Link
  • Ethereum’s Vlad Zamfir claims breakthrough in blockchain sharding. Link
  • Meet DappRadar, a ranked list of blockchain dapps. Link
  • TenX has just published their financials with $70.5M in fiat and ~$34M in crypto. Link
  • Here’s a very heated debate between Jimmy Song and Roger Ver on the Blockchain Cruise. Link
  • We just added 82 new crypto companies, 5 new ICOs, 16 new exchanges, 2 new crypto investors and 6 new crypto media outlets to CryptoLis. Link
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