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A Wall Street Journal investigation revealed that a number of traders are working together to execute pump-and-dump scams where retail investors are tricked into investing in certain currencies – ultimately costing them millions.

A massive bet on Bitcoin futures has investors buzzing
After a huge bet worth $416M went south on Hong Kong-based OKEx this week, dozens of traders with unrealized gains were forced to give up 18% of their weekly profits in a haircut to cover the huge losses.

Here’s why design is the killer app for crypto
From Coinbase’s perspective, design is the key problem to solve for in the crypto industry right now. Many of the technology’s issues today are design flaws, and can be fixed through learning from the lessons of history and applying those learnings to the present day problems in crypto.

Here are the key things you should know about blockchain in 2018
This is a great piece from Influencive that outlines in very simple terms how blockchain works, as well as what the benefits are. It’s an ideal read for anyone getting started in the space, or looking to learn more about crypto.

There’s two views of crypto: sound money vs global computer
There are two competing philosophies around what crypto will ultimately become. Some see it as the future of money, while others view it as the first iteration of what will eventually be a sentient, distributed global computer.

Inside the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency so far this year
This is a great deep dive into how crypto entered the mainstream this year with the help of organizations like Coinbase and others, who are looking to commoditize crypto and make it accessible to all, regardless of technical proficiency.

Some traders are performing pump and dump crypto scams that have cost investors millions
A Wall Street Journal investigation revealed that a number of traders are working together to execute pump-and-dump scams where retail investors are tricked into investing in certain currencies – ultimately costing them millions.

Here’s a crypto modeling spreadsheet that’s actually useful
This is an incredibly useful guide to financial modeling for cryptocurrencies, and as an added bonus, it includes a crypto modeling spreadsheet that you can use to to track your tokens and their performance.

A beginner’s guide to understanding a multi-cryptocurrency gateway
A multi-cryptocurrency gateway is a platform that allows individuals to send and receive payment in more than one cryptocurrency. This piece analyzes how that’s different from traditional payment gateways, and why this innovation matters.

This deep dive outlines how data gets stored in Ethereum
The properties of Ethereum and Bitcoin are often incorrectly conflated. This deep dive assesses how the two are different, and provides additional context around how data is stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Bitcoin has the potential to become the first truly worldwide currency
In an interview this week, the CEO of the New York Stock Exchange said that Bitcoin very well could become the world’s first truly global currency – perhaps the strongest endorsement yet of the cryptocurrency’s potential.


  • Find out the price of a Lamborghini in Bitcoin with LamboIndex. Link
  • Bitcoin has tumbled to a 3-week low as the SEC postpones its ETF decision. Link
  • Here’s a great progress report on the CNN Blockchain project. Link
  • Take a look back in time at the top 100 tokens in crypto during 2014. Link
  • Meet the Chinese billionaire building a $300M crypto hub in…Connecticut? Link
  • Bittrex has added support for Ethereum Classic and XRP trading pairs. Link
  • Podcast: What makes a CryptoKitty worth $140K? Link
  • Starbucks is partnering with Microsoft on a new cryptocurrency payment solution for its stores. Link
  • This is a useful guide for navigating the world of crypto airdrops. Link
  • Poloniex is hiring Advanced Trading Support Staff in Boston. Link
  • Join Blockchain Seattle on September 10-11. Link
  • We just added 44 new crypto companies, 50 new ICOs, 1 new exchange and 23 new crypto investors to CryptoList. Link
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