Cointext Launches Beta — Send Bitcoin Cash Without the Internet

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This week, the text messaging platform Cointext announced the public launch of its feature service that allows anyone with a mobile phone to transact with bitcoin cash (BCH) without internet services. Cointext uses a phone’s Short Message Service (SMS) protocol, and the beta release can now be tested throughout the US, Canada, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, and the UK.

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Cointext Launches Beta Release Allowing Users to Send and Receive Bitcoin Cash With SMS Technology

Cointext Launches Beta — Send Bitcoin Cash Without the InternetBitcoin cash users now have the ability to send BCH without an internet connection through a mobile phone’s SMS protocol. On March 27, the developers of Cointext launched the public beta version of its platform. The lead developer of Cointext, and also the company’s co-founder and CTO, Vin Armani, announced the launch.

“Cointext is the easiest and most powerful way to spread the use of Bitcoin Cash because it works with any type of mobile phone and you don’t need any knowledge of cryptocurrency to use it,” Armani explained the day of the launch.


The Killer App

Cointext Launches Beta — Send Bitcoin Cash Without the InternetBecause Cointext runs over the SMS communication layer for mobile phones, the platform’s wallet can do things most traditional crypto-wallets cannot. For instance, with Cointext BCH can be sent to a feature phone (Nokia-type) in order to target developing nations. Nearly 2,000 individuals have already signed up for Cointext during a soft launch for private testing. The platform is also giving away free BCH due to the donations provided by the BCH community. While supplies last, Cointext is giving $0.50 in bitcoin cash to first time users who text the word ‘CASH’ to the firm’s access number. Other Cointext command lines and instructions can be found on the company’s website.

“Money, or currency, has always been the killer app for bitcoin, not merely a store of value,” Armani emphasizes.


Cointext is delivering the original promise of permissionless, borderless money to the unbanked around the world.

Cointext Launches Beta — Send Bitcoin Cash Without the Internet
Cointext in action.

Cointext Hopes to Gain Billions of Users Worldwide

The development team explains that Cointext does not hold user funds, and all SMS transactions are settled on the BCH network on-chain. The SMS client cannot modify or censor any transactions, and it can’t recover funds if a user loses their phone number. The firm collects roughly $0.05 cents worth of BCH for sending messages, and the fee is always the same.

Armani details that Cointext will be looking for feedback during the beta trial from BCH users experimenting with the platform. The co-founder says he hopes the application can be utilized in 54 countries and attract the attention of billions of people.

“If everything goes smoothly, we’ll launch the next wave of access numbers in April and May, including the first language translations,” Armani adds.


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