Chill Brands Group (CHLL.L) U.S. Distributor Integrates Chill’s CBD Products

Innovative U.S. Distributor Fully Integrates Retail Presence of Chill Brands’ CBD Products

Chill Brands, the international consumer packaged goods company, is pleased to provide the following update on its effort to expand the provision of its lifestyle CBD product lines through the Company’s established distribution partnerships in the convenience store channel.

BettermentRS, a health and wellness company based in Lubbock, Texas, has implemented Chill Brands CBD Flavour Pouches and other CBD products into 343 stores across multiple U.S. states, including Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Kansas. The rollout means that Chill Brands products are now available in the aforementioned stores as part of Betterments’ Feel Good Store wellness program.

BettermentRS works to connect the health and wellness industries specific to hemp brands with existing retailers as the CBD product category continues to grow. The vetting process used by Betterment in the hemp and CBD products space reduces risk and enhances sales performance for participating retail chains. Chill Brands CBD products are among the elite brands vetted by BettermentRS, and then onboarded into the Company’s program. The innovative approach by BettermentRS includes holistic CBD training, education, and merchandising support for retailers.

“The CBD products offered by Chill Brands are among the top performers within the BettermentRS Feel Good Shop – a fixture of our 3PL supply-chain solution that is helping pioneer high-quality standards for the CBD products placed with our retail partners,” said BettermentRS President Dorsey Sparks. “Our company ensures retailers receive premium quality brands, and currently Chill Brands CBD is meeting these standards. Partnerships are key to providing consumers the quality and kinds of products they desire and deserve, and we are pleased with the way that Chill Brands CBD products have been received in our retailer locations.”

About BettermentRS

BettermentRS is a health and wellness company based in Lubbock, Texas USA. The company supports its partners through the sourcing and distribution of top-tier CBD brands, providing essential training and education that facilitates sales of products within this emerging industry. Having partnered with Chill Brands Group in June 2020, BettermentRS markets the Company’s products to its network of retail outlets. For more information please visit

About Chill Brands Group PLC

Chill Brands Group plc is an international company concerned with the development, production, and distribution of best-in-class tobacco alternatives and other consumer packaged goods (CPG) products. The Company operates primarily in the US, where its products are distributed online and via some of the nation’s most recognisable convenience retail outlets. The Group’s strategy is anchored around lifestyle marketing that is designed to enhance the popularity of its products, channelling visitors to its landmark website.

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