Chill Brands Group (CHLL.L) Launch of Tobacco-Free Nicotine Product Line

Chill Brands Group plc (LON:CHLL) (OTCQX:ZOEIF), the international CBD group, is pleased to announce the launch of an innovative new range of Tobacco-Free Nicotine (“TFN®”) flavour pouches.


● Chill joins short list of brands licensed to use TFN® from market leader, Next Generation Labs

● New product line exposes Chill to major growth opportunities in the worldwide flavour pouch market that is expected to reach US$32 billion by 2026

● The Company is among the first to use adult lifestyle marketing in the emerging tobacco-free nicotine product category through partnerships with renowned rodeo athletes

● Tobacco-free nicotine flavour pouches set to launch in retail outlets across the US and online via in Q4 2021

The Group has developed a new line of tobacco-free nicotine flavour pouches that is set to launch in the coming months. These innovative new products have been created

using Next Generation Labs TFN® – a unique, market-leading nicotine product that is not derived from tobacco.

The Company’s use of Next Generation Labs TFN® complements its existing lineup of CBD products which remain an anchor for its growth strategy. The global nicotine pouches market is projected to grow to US$32 billion by 2026. This launch is intended to pave the way for Chill to become a market leader through the sale of desirable CBD and TFN® nicotine alternatives.

Chill’s new product line will be distributed through the Company’s extensive network of retail partners and is positioned to benefit from shifting consumer sentiment. Recent months have seen some of the world’s foremost tobacco companies set out plans for the gradual discontinuation of traditional tobacco products which may signal their ultimate social stigmatisation and decline. The Group is now well placed to capitalise on this underlying shift in consumer sentiment through its CBD and TFN® lines.

Highly significant marketing and promotional initiatives are now underway to support the expansion of the Chill tobacco-alternative product line. The Company is represented by a number of professional rodeo athletes who regularly appear in the media and are highly regarded by the rodeo community – a historical mainstay of the traditional chewing tobacco market. The Company is committed to underpinning its novel lifestyle marketing strategy by forming key partnerships in other sporting communities and looks forward to updating the market in due course.

Chill Tobacco-Free Nicotine Flavour Pouches will be available online at and at retail points of sale across the United States from Q4 2021.

Antonio Russo, Co-CEO of Chill Brands Group, said: “We are excited to be working with Next Generation Labs and are pleased to have secured use of its groundbreaking TFN® nicotine which will greatly improve our ability to compete with traditional tobacco and vape products while complementing our current tobacco alternative line of products. Our existing manufacturing, distribution, and sales capabilities have enabled Chill to make a rapid entrance to this market and we are confident that we will gain a running start in this multi-billion-dollar emerging product category.”

About Chill Tobacco-Free Nicotine Flavour Pouches

Chill Tobacco-Free Nicotine Flavour Pouches are an alternative to the traditional smokeless tobacco products used by almost 5.9 million Americans and millions of others worldwide. Available in appetizing flavours including mint, mango, and lemon, the flavour pouches contain TFN® (tobacco-free nicotine) manufactured by Next Generation Labs. Users of the TFN® flavour pouches can expect familiar textures and the freedom to choose products that do not contain tobacco-derived nicotine.

About TFN®

TFN® is a tobacco-free nicotine product exclusively manufactured by Next Generation Labs. TFN® nicotine is not derived from tobacco leaf, stem, reconstituted sheet, or expanded or post-production waste dust. The nicotine is made using a patented manufacturing process that begins with a natural starter material, and progressively builds around the molecules of that material to create a pure synthetic nicotine. TFN® is virtually tasteless and odourless, and is devoid of all tobacco-derived residual impurities.

More information about TFN® can be found at

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