CEO of Ryanair commented that Brexiteers who hold unrealistic beliefs will pass away shortly.

According to Michael O’Leary, CEO of Ryanair, pro-European generations will necessitate Britain’s re-entry into the European Union’s single market, as Brexiteers gradually disappear.

The largest airline in Europe’s chief executive asserted that Britons were deceived with a “web of falsehoods” regarding the advantages of departing the EU, resulting in an “incredibly chaotic” withdrawal process.

O’Leary criticized Boris Johnson, describing him as “wholly delusional” about Brexit and claimed that Britain’s departure from the EU would have a “net negative” impact in the forthcoming five years. The prominent Irish businessman argued that demographics would facilitate a shift towards Britain rejoining the single market within the next 15 years.

The 62-year-old further stated, “A substantial number of the Brexiteers will pass away in the next five to ten years, given that their average age is over 70. Younger individuals who are more pro-European are emerging.” Michael O’Leary has been a vocal opponent of Brexit and supported the “remain” campaign in the 2016 referendum.

During a Bloomberg gathering, Mr. O’Leary expressed his viewpoint stating, “All the commitments made to the UK citizens, including the prospect of prosperous times and the freedom to negotiate trade agreements globally, was exposed to be a fabrication.”

He further stated, “We wrongly believed that there would be some competence demonstrated by the Johnson-led administration, who would prioritize the economy and execute a rational agreement.”

O’Leary, the CEO of Ryanair, stated that his expectation of Johnson and other Brexit supporters prioritizing Britain’s economy was “completely delusional.”

Although he expressed optimism in the current administration, particularly in Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt, he criticized Baroness Vere, the aviation minister, calling her “not the brightest bulb in the box.”

The budget airline executive lamented that EU staff visas had become exorbitantly expensive, costing up to £3,000 each. He also noted that most government departments are overly fixated on discovering ways to prove Brexit’s benefits, claiming that the only favourable outcome thus far is the reinstatement of duty-free travel to and from Europe.

Last summer’s airport chaos in the UK was “completely linked to Brexit,” according to Mr. O’Leary, who blamed the struggle to recruit EU workers.

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