Calling all existing and potential Tally customers in the Bristol area.

Whether you are a superuser of Tally or just interested in helping shape the future of money and banking, please come and share your ideas on what features you would like to see in Tally and help us improve the product and build our community.

All shareholders are welcome to make an appointment for a phone call or in-person meeting with myself if they’d like to discuss any issues they may have – please contact [email protected] to do so.

Tally is the name of the platform and also the name of the currency. 1 Tally = 1 milligram of vaulted gold. Therefore, using gold as the 100% physical reserve means your wealth is protected from inflation and bank risks of the fiat currency-based banking model.

However, it still offers the familiar usability of a personal bank account and contactless debit card. At time of writing 1 Tally = 4 pence, or put another way, 25 Tally = £1.



We’ll also be giving a sneak preview into some of the new app designs and product features that we are releasing soon.

We look forward to meeting you! Thursday, 10 October 2019. Your hosts from Tally will be:

Cameron Parry, CEO & co-Founder

Ralph Hazell, CPO & co-Founder

Damon Macklin, Head of Product


Register Here



As a special treat for Share Talk readers, we’re giving you 200 Tally (worth £8.12 as of 11:00 29/08/19) when you sign up to Tally!

Just use the code ShareTally when you sign up


Linking Shareholders and Executives :Share Talk

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