Breaking ‘Vladimir Putin was wrong,’ says Biden as he sends 31 tanks to Ukraine

US President Joe Biden said that Vladimir Putin, his Russian counterpart, was wrong to believe Western resolve would “crumble”, as the Ukraine conflict drags on.

He announced that America will supply Ukraine with 31 advanced M1 Abrams tanks.

In remarks to the White House, Mr Biden announced that the decision was made. He said the tanks were needed to “improve the Ukrainians’ ability to manoeuvre in open terrain”.

Biden thanked Germany for supplying Ukraine with Leopard 2 tanks and stated that Germany had “really stepped up”.

Mr Biden stated that Russia has an expectation that the US and its European allies will break apart. “But we are completely, totally, and thoroughly united.”

Chief of Ukraine’s presidential office hails US tank moves as “historic day”.

In response to President Joe Biden’s announcement that 31 M1 Abrams tanks were being sent to Ukraine, the head of the Ukrainian presidential government called it “historic” and said that this would determine the outcome.

“The important thing is that this is just the beginning. In a Telegram post titled “The US will provide 31 Abrams,” Andriy Yemak stated that we need hundreds of tanks. He said, “It is a historic day. It’s one of those days that will decide our future victory.

Rishi Sunak, British Prime Minister, stated that there is an opportunity for international partners in accelerating efforts to help Ukraine in its war against Russia.

“The Prime Minister stated that Russia was now on the back foot, and there was an opportunity for international partners to accelerate efforts for lasting peace in Ukraine,” Mr Sunak’s Office said after speaking to leaders from the United States, France, Germany, France, and Italy.

“All leaders were pleased with the coordination of military supplies, and they reflected on the international collective action in support of Ukraine.”

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