Audioboom Group PLC (AIM:BOOM) Launch of Strategic Partnership in New Zealand

Audioboom (AIM: BOOM), the leading global podcast company, is pleased to announce the continued expansion of Showcase, its automated advertising marketplace, through a strategic partnership with NZME in New Zealand.

NZME, the leading radio and digital media company in New Zealand, will monetise Audioboom’s 8,000 content channels in Showcase in their role as the exclusive advertising representative of Audioboom for New Zealand based brands and buyers.

Audioboom is the third-largest podcast publisher in New Zealand, according to Triton Digital’s regional podcast ranker, with more than 900k monthly downloads and 300k unique listeners. New Zealand is Audioboom’s sixth biggest market for podcast consumption, and this strategic alignment will enable more efficient monetisation of the Company’s content in the region.

Showcase launched in November 2021. It is Audioboom’s ad-tech based product which connects buyers and sellers of podcast advertising efficiently and at scale. In December 2021 Showcase contributed more than US$1 million of revenue to the Group. In 2022 the Company expects to make more than 3 billion advertising impressions available to buyers within Showcase.

This partnership highlights Audioboom’s continued global growth, as well as the increased demand from brands for targeted advertising options.

Audioboom’s CEO Stuart Last commented: “NZME provide the expertise to further maximise the value of content for our creators, while supporting our goals of efficient global expansion. New Zealand is an important territory for us, and I am excited to create new opportunities for brands to work with our creative talent and high-quality shows.”


Audioboom Group plc

Stuart Last, Chief Executive Officer

Brad Clarke, Chief Financial Officer

Tel: +44(0)20 3714 4285

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