Atif Yaqub, Founder Yop, an investee company of Pires (PIRI.L) Interview

YOP is a Yield Optimization Platform. All-in-one Mobile yOptimization application that makes it easy for everyone to access DeFi. Giving you control, custody, insights and flexibility directly in one single application.

We are pleased to announce the first IDO market place and launchpad aggregator: Bounce, DAOMaker, DexTools, DuckDAO, FalconPool, Ignition, Polkastater, Poolz, Trustswap. Connecting you directly to the leading IDO pools via the YOP Protocol on our simple and easy to use application.

As a yield centric platform focused on providing our customers with the best-decentralised finance products, today we introduce the Yield Optimization Pad. The Pad will allow YOP customers to have access to a wide host of decentralised launch protocols.

Our launchpad aggregator will access IDO smart contracts and allow customers to directly participate from the YOP Platform. Having seamless access, visual sight and bridges to all IDO launchpads in a single application brings more value to our customers and to each launchpad. Customers can now swap into launch pools through the YOP wallet and swap dex.

YOP is developing a platform that makes it easier for less technical users to engage with DeFi. This platform is expected to be operational in Q1 2021. YOP’s primary focus is delivering access via a smartphone app (the “App”), which should make access to and interacting with DeFi services more straightforward and user-friendly. As part of this process, a new YOP token will be created, which will be issued to users to engage with the YOP platform. The token will form the basis of the YOP protocol, facilitating engagement with smart contracts on the Ethereum network. Investment returns are expected to be generated through fees from transactions and appreciation in the value of YOP tokens.

It is expected that the YOP platform will enable portfolio management, access to cryptocurrency market data and cryptocurrency investment products all from the convenience of a mobile phone, with desktop and tablet versions to follow. The Pires Directors believe that the YOP App is akin to the platform developed by Robinhood Markets, Inc (“Robinhood”) in the US in 2013 which, at the time, was one of the first platforms to provide easy access to financial markets and low-cost dealing, all from the convenience of a smartphone. Robinhood now has a multi-billion dollar valuation and is planning an IPO.

The Pires Directors believe that there is currently a limited range of competing products, none of which are believed to offer the potential functionality of the YOP platform and protocol.

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