Apple to Release iPhone 12 Update in France Amid Radiation Worries

The tech giant, Apple, is set to roll out a software update specifically for iPhone 12 users in France after concerns arose about the device surpassing the European Union’s radiation limits. French authorities were on the brink of halting sales of this model when the oversight was noted.

Apple countered the apprehensions, suggesting that the testing method employed by France’s radiation authority, ANFR, led to these results. For now, the update is solely for French users, though British regulators and others are keeping an eye on the developments.

While specifics of the update remain under wraps, it’s anticipated that the modification will tweak the wireless signals the phone emits.

Apple commented, “The update addresses the testing procedures set by French regulators and is not a reflection of safety issues. Since its 2020 launch, the iPhone 12 has consistently met or surpassed global radiation standards.”

With the recent unveiling of the iPhone 15, Apple is gradually ceasing the sale of the iPhone 12, which has been in the market for three years.

Jean-Noel Barrot, France’s telecom minister, relayed his interactions with Apple post the decision on the iPhone 12, stating, “ANFR will swiftly evaluate the new update to ensure its alignment with European norms upheld in France.”

Other European nations are also on alert. Britain’s Office for Product Safety, as well as agencies in Belgium and Germany, are closely observing the situation. Italy is considering a similar update demand, as per a report from Reuters.

Contrary to the French regulator’s claim, Apple’s website showcases radiation levels significantly below the cited 5.74 watts per kilogram. The World Health Organisation asserts that no detrimental health impacts have been linked to mobile phone radiation to date.

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