An Investor Presentation and Q&A Session with Power Metal Resources Plc (POW.L)

About This Webinar

POW has precious and base metal exploration projects in Africa and Australia. The company has two large scale nickel sulphide projects which are drill-ready in Botswana and Tanzania. It also has discovered a 6.8km copper anomaly in its Kisinka project in the DRC.


Recently POW set up a joint venture in Australia which has a land package of 1,835 sq km of applications in the Victoria Goldfields, one of the hottest postcodes for global gold exploration.

POW has a market capitalisation of £2.48m and is looking for its first major metal discovery in the next 12 months. In this webinar, Paul Johnson, CEO of Power Metal Resources takes investors through the business and his plans. He makes the point that he holds 6% of POW shares personally, and has director options that only become active when the share price rises by at least 233% to 1.5p per share.

This is the list of questions submitted from investors that are covered in the Q&A section of the webinar

  • What is the strategic objective of POW?
  • Australian gold JV is peppered with good mineralisation, historical date from the goldfields, what is your views?
  • Australian gold joint venture (“JV”) company Red Rock Australasia Pty Ltd (“RRAL”) in which POW has a 49.9% interest. How do you see this JV
  • Your gold exploration license areas totalling 916 sq km in the Central Victorian Goldfields of Australia. Who are in the neighbour companies and what market caps are they?
  • What has been the operational strategy in the last 18 months?
  • Is it going to be a long wait for discovery, as your interests seem early stage?
  • Your management team have around 11% share in the company and you have personally invested around £130,000 cash in the company. Does that say to the market that You believe in the company?
  • POW holds share – warrants in various companies, what financial benefit is this to shareholders?
  • Fosterville South #FSX now a £100m cap company – stunning performance by the team there with 7x share price increase since IPO. Victoria Goldfields Australia. What is the connection with POW?
  • You build one of the largest strategic gold footprints in a sought-after Australian gold postcode! This was a Tweet you put out.
  • POW has Alamo Gold project in Arizona, USA and the Ditau Project in Botswana, which project is No1 on your list?
  • In Africa you have a copper play, in The Democratic Republic of the Congo at the Kisinka Project, can you update on this project?
  • Are you happy with your management team and do you have the right people?
  • What’s your financing approach and how will you find all this?
  • Don’t you have too many interests and should you not be more focused?
  • What’s you share price aspirations?
  • You have moved on from lots of companies in the past – why is this going to be different?

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