A 555.55-carat, black diamond thought to have come from space lands in Dubai

Sotheby’s Dubai has unveiled a rare 555.55-carat black diamond. Sophie Stevens is a Sotheby’s jewellery specialist who said that the black diamond was likely to come from outer space.

This rare gem was presented to journalists in Dubai and Los Angeles as part of a tour. It will then be auctioned in London in February.

The diamond has a nice theme running through it: the number 5 is everywhere.

Sotheby’s anticipates that the diamond will be sold for at most £5 million. The auction house will accept cryptocurrency as a payment option.

Sotheby’s Dubai jewellery specialist Sophie Stevens told the Associated Press the number five has a significant significance for the diamond’s 55 facets.

She said that the shape of the diamond was based on the Middle Eastern symbol of the Khamsa which is used to symbolize strength and protection.

Khamsa means five in Arabic.

She added, “So there’s also a nice theme running through the diamond of the number 5.”

Ms Stevens said that the black diamond could also be from outer space.

She stated that the carbonado diamonds were formed by extraterrestrial origins. They were created when meteorites collided with the Earth, forming chemical vapour dispositions or even from meteorites themselves.

Black diamonds (also known as carbonado) are very rare and can only be found in Brazil and Central Africa.

Their high hydrogen content and carbon isotopes are the basis of the cosmic origin theory.

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