7 Successful Tips to Get More Audience on YouTube Videos & Receive More Engagement

People have selected YouTube as the medium to give a kick-start to their Videos.

YouTube is the largest video streaming site and second-largest search engine after Google with a large number of active users. According to the study report – here more than 1 billion videos are watched in an hour which is high in comparison to Netflix and Facebook. Getting your audience to watch your video is not as easy as millions of people think, especially if you are new in this competition.

Well, let’s take a tour of the fundamental strategies to increase your video views on YouTube –

Compelling Title:

Start your title with what your video is about. Your title must be the central point of attention for the viewer. Before adding your title think, about what makes your mind click on the video. You must keep your title shorter, simpler, and relevant and make it better for getting more clicks. A title should contain 70 characters and you should try to include specific phrases in your title which help you to get more hits.

Proper Video Description:

A proper YouTube video description is essential to let people know exactly what your video is about. This means the first thing user can see is what they find, and if the thing is found in your video description then it will have more chances to get clicks on your video instead of others. YouTube algorithm also works like that, whatever the visitor finds, YouTube tries to show them with the help of the video description.

So, your video description must be shorter than 200 characters and must be simple and crisp so that the visitor can easily be attracted to your video. Make sure your video description must contain what you want to produce in your video and focus on the beginning of the sentence and the rest part you can mention your social contact so that in case viewers are influenced by your videos they can find you in other places too.

Utility of Tags:

Let’s think about what your audience is searching for and add the tags likewise. Tags should perform in your video to help the searchers to find you. YouTube algorithm also works like that. Make use of those tags that people commonly look out for.

Applying Thumbnails:

YouTube allows making your video more interesting by applying creative thumbnails. On YouTube, thumbnails are shown in its sidebar and have a big impact on the visitors. Give your thumbnails a high-quality look with hero-type eye-catchy Images which influence the visitors to click on your video. YouTube allows you to upload custom thumbnails where you can upload attractive images created by using different fonts, emojis, etc. Also, you can use your video title on the image. But make sure that the thumbnails must be related to your YouTube video.

Add Relevant Category:

Don’t be like other people who just add an irrelevant category. The category must according to your video. This is the most important thing you need to do. Select the right category according to your video and reach the maximum audience.

Choose Language:

After uploading your video on YouTube go to the advanced setting and you will see the option to select the language. YouTube Algorithm check at which region the language is used and then show your video to your language targeted audience.

Latest Recording Date:

Now that you have uploaded your amazing video and added the date, go to the advanced settings of your YouTube video and you will see there is an option to add the recording date. The date must be your uploading date not the date of recording. YouTube wants to show the latest video and the algorithm checks the date of uploading the video if the algorithm finds the latest date then the chance to show your video will increase.

We hope the above helps you win more viewers, happy posting.

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