5 Best Cryptos To Day Trade In 2022

Day trading in Cryptos is considered to be one of the most profitable trading moves. The investors are being open to Day trading in Cryptos and are trying to take the best positions in the market for maximum profits.

If you also want to become one of the Day trading genius investors, visit Quantumai and start trading today. However, this should not imply that you can trade on any Crypto and make profits. Your choice of Crypto plays a crucial role here, along with the timing of your trade. Here are the top picks for Day trading in 2022!

1. Bitcoin

Even though Bitcoin faces a lot of volatility, its market cap stands highest at an approximate value of $540 billion. Its position as the best and most valuable Cryptocurrency has never been doubted in any case. It is also a great Crypto for Day trading because of the liquidity benefits that come with it.

2. Lucky Block

With a current market cap of $230 billion, analysts consider it to be the best Crypto for Day trading. It is fairly new and has been introduced as a lottery token into the market. They use blockchain technology that helps them ensure smooth and fast transactions. Their boosting prices and liquidity make it an even better choice among others.

3. Binance Coin

Launched back in 2017, it is one of the most popular tokens in the Crypto exchange market. It is also said to be the 3rd most valuable Crypto in the world. Binance Coin belongs to one of the largest Crypto exchange platforms, Binance. Since it belongs to this exchange platform, they are always in the news, and that has a significant impact on the price of the token. They are also liquid to a certain extent, which makes them a good choice for Day trading.

4. Dogecoin

There have been days when this meme coin has observed a rise of 20% in just a day. With the level of hype that it witnessed in the past, the coin has gained a lot quickly. It is also liquid, and that makes it a good asset for Day trade investment. However, it is known more popularly for its price volatility due to
investors’ meme image in their minds.​

5. Ethereum

With the 2nd largest market cap in the Crypto world, Ethereum has managed to make it to the list of best Day trading Cryptos sooner than ever. They have experienced an upward sloping growth curve that has boosted their price and made them more liquid than they ever were. As such, they have quickly become an important choice among other best Cryptos for Day trading.

Have You Started Crypto Day Trading Yet?

Before starting Day trading in Cryptos, define your risk appetite and the return you expect to obtain. However, pay sufficient focus on the liquidity level of your chosen Crypto. In case that is misinterpreted, you could face massive losses. Also, conduct a technical analysis of the daily price change of the Cryptos before you choose them and start trading.

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