YOP 2.0 — A Pluto Story

It’s been three months since YOP boarded the Pluto Mothership, but it feels just like yesterday. The promise Pluto saw when it made the decision to acquire YOP has only grown since that day.

The Labs team building YOP 2.0 has continued to grow as Pluto invests more time and money into this investment. We have brought in highly skilled Developers and Product Managers to ensure we are delivering the best-in-class product to you. Recruitment throughout Q4 has never really stopped and we are continuing to recruit as we go into 2022. Joining us in January will be a new UI/UX developer and a Security Engineer. These are key roles in our YOP team as we believe that an amazing user experience and the security of users’ crypto are two key pillars in the YOP vision.

We have been heavily involved in marketing and promotion these last few weeks. We have been talking with podcasts and journalists to get the YOP message out there. This content will be published very early in the new year. In addition, we have now partnered with a marketing agency, and we will be kicking off the YOP 2.0 marketing campaign early in January, to ensure that our key deliveries are met with as much fanfare as possible. There will be lots of things for the community to get involved with as this is rolled out, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled! 👀

Once Pluto took over YOP, we reviewed the key deliverables needed to make this a success and pulled together the new and improved roadmap, that we shared with you back in November. We are fast approaching the start of the key milestones on that roadmap, and we look forward to starting to deliver them to you over the coming months.

Up first will be the whitepaper that we will be publishing in January. A lot of work has gone into this, and it contains a lot of information and insight into how we see YOP delivering on the vision we have all bought into. The release of the whitepaper will be accompanied by the launch of the revamped YOP website. This will give you a feel for the direction that the enhanced UI, YOP 2.0 will be delivering. Following these releases will be the Private Launch of the YOP 2.0 web app, in February. Just a reminder, to be involved with this private launch you need to hold a YOP NFT, these can be purchased on the secondary market in OpenSea. For those of you who don’t hold a YOP NFT, the important date for you will be April when the public launch of YOP is scheduled.

So, as you can see, Q4 has been all about the preparation going on behind the scenes, Q1 2022 is all about pulling that curtain back and revealing all the hard work that has been going on, and bringing you the YOP you have all been waiting for. We are very excited to start sharing this with you!

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I hope you and your families all have a safe and happy holiday, and we look forward to the exciting New Year YOP is going to bring us all! 🚀🚀🚀

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