What is the One Million Trade March? Exclusive Q&A

One Million Trade March (OMTM) refers to the hope we can have one million trades of various sizes, and as we can’t march on the streets at the moment this seems the best way to protest the fact that the poor are locked in their house and household brands are being shorted by these corrupt funds.

2.What are the goals of the OMTM?
We are merely spokespeople for the masses who are frustrated. Ultimately, we want to prove shorters wrong. Can we do it? 100% if we stick together and HOLD. As a collective, we will win.

3.Why is OMTM Anonymous?

We are anonymous at the moment, operating through Telegram and proxies. There are powerful people we are up against and they don’t like losing money. We are keeping within the guidelines of the regulators, but they don’t like it when we use the system against them.

4. Is the UK market in need of a similar shakeup to the US, and is this possible.

Yes, 100%. As I highlighted in the previous question – if we HOLD as a collective, eventually more and more will join. When this happens, the media will get involved, then the Reddit crowd and then you will see how we will make this possible. This is the start of an epic journey.

5. What do you say to people who view the March as simply a pump and dump.

Absolutely not a pump & dump. Those that say it is are either one of two things – either they don’t understand what we are doing. Or they themselves will treat this as a pump & dump by buying and selling on the same day. Oh the irony! OMTM will be buying whichever stock wins the vote on Monday and will be holding for however long it takes.

6. Are you not afraid the financial establishment, the law and the mainstream media would gang up on you if you become successful?

Bring it on, when you have nothing to lose, it is hard to care. It is about shining a light on how corrupt the markets have become. If brokers start closing stuff down that will only make the snowball bigger. Eventually turning into an avalanche.

7. What is your message to the ordinary private investor?

Our message is simple: Together we are stronger. But investors MUST realise we are only stronger if we HOLD. This will continue for weeks. We won’t stop until whichever stock is voted for reduces their shorts to 0%. Note: None of the above is investment advice and is only what we (admins) are going to do. Anyone who follows does so at their own risk and may lose money.

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