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If you’re provider of equipment or services to the oil and gas sector. And you’re  unsatisfied with your current sales results. Don’t worry. I believe that is what happening. Not just to you, but to millions of oil and gas entrepreneurs across the globe

We are in the period, companies do not spend money. And this is because of the drop in oil price from  $ 100 In June  2014 to below $ 30. And now has  recovered slightly  to $45

Fortunately, Low oil price is wonderful  In Tanzania and East Africa as a whole.   Why drop in oil price is a good? I hear you ask. Well,  It helps us think an alternative way of doing things and that’s fuel efficiency and innovation.

Most importantly.  Everyone can see visible opportunities in Tanzania during this period of low oil price.

Still confusing?

Here are visible opportunities for the serious entrepreneurs seeking  to add value to the gas industry in Tanzania in the current environment of weak crude oil prices

1.Uganda—Tanzania pipeline:

The construction of a pipeline that will export  Ugandan crude oil to Tanga port is starting soon.
Even the  major oil companies financing pipeline project has already invited contractors and in provision of the following services:

  •  Earthwork and site clearance
  • Building  construction work
  • Construction and Maintenance of Road
  • Construction and maintenance of drainage system

Installation, repair, and maintenance of electrical and mechanical system and extensions

Who are the Major players of this projects:

Now if you are considering the grab the visible opportunities in the pipeline project. Here are the companies to approach:

  • Tullow Oil—–    Uk based Oil
  • CNOOC LTD——Chinese state-owned  oil company
  • Total Exploration and Production Uganda——— This is subsidiary company of Total SA (French oil giant)

Is your business offer service or equipment in the midstream (pipeline) section of the industry? Now open your eyes, you will see visible opportunities in this East Africa oil pipeline

A lot of opportunities  from low oil prices are emerging in the LNG plant  investment  shifts to liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant.  As the country plan to construct a liquefied natural gas (LNG)plant that will export gas from its offshore reserves to the Asian market.

If you think this project will be put on hold because of the unstable oil price. You’re totally wrong. There is a lot of reasons why, But the biggest reasons why  Tanzania  LNG plant will come online faster, is the desire to beat Mozambique.

So as they can soon enter a long-term contract with buyers in Japan and Australia. Another reason the LNG project will rush in Tanzania is the high raising demand of gas in the Asian market. International energy agency forecast LNG make up half of the gas world trade in 2040.

Major players in Tanzania LNG plant.

We have already seen, why opportunities in the LNG construction are immense in Tanzania despite the cheap oil price. Now let list the major players in this projects. That helps you think on how to approach them for opportunities:

  • BG group    {Recently acquired by Royal Dutch Shell}
  •  Statoil Tanzania
  •  Exxon Mobil
  • Ophir Energy.

And all these firms work in  partnership with state-owned  Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation

Huge helium gas found in Tanzania    
That was headlines that break news all over the world that’s also present other visible opportunities in Tanzania.

Look,  Norway exploration company in collaboration with Uk researchers has found 54 trillion cubic feet of helium gas in rift valley Tanzania.

Yes, you read it right. The helium gas find is about 54 trillion cubic feet. This is the big number. I can confidently tell you this is the “world class” discovery.
Helium gas is used in

  • MRI scanners
  • Nuclear research
  • Leak detection
  • Rock engine

It has been said that this 54 cubic feet of helium gas find in Tanzania is enough to fill 1200,000 hospital  MRT scanner. So this is the significant find that reflects immense business opportunities.

Now here is a thing: The only way, that you can grow beyond and above where you are is to expand. And East Africa including Tanzania provides the most opportunities right now.

Would you love to recognize and grab key business in the oil and gas in Tanzania? Here is my eBook that will help you to turn the oil and gas opportunities into large profit.

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On – 21 Jun, 2017 By Hussein Boffu

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