ValiRx PLC (VAL.L) New shareholder communication process

New shareholder communication process to be implemented

London, UK , 11June 2020: As part of its wider communication strategy development, ValiRx (AIM:VAL) announces the launch of a six-month trial period of a new communication process to standardise and improve shareholders’ experience of communicating with the Company.

The Board recognise the importance of effective and timely communication with all stakeholders, including shareholders, investors, innovators and staff. The business and science of biomedical development can be complex and difficult to articulate in a clear and concise way through regulated channels. The Company understands and encourages the desire of shareholders to ask questions about scientific or corporate progress, and is mindful of the need to ensure all shareholders have fair and equal access to information about the Company, as required by the AIM Rules and the Market Abuse Regulations.

As part of the new strategy, a new email address will be created – Questions@Valirx.com – to allow shareholders to ask questions.

Each sender will receive confirmation that their question has been received, and the questions will be compiled with answers into a periodic factsheet available to download on the Company’s website. The identity of the sender will not be publicly revealed.

The questions received will be collated and summarised and answered to the fullest extent possible, with input from all relevant team members. The Company commits to the responses being clear, concise and factual. Where a question cannot be answered due to regulatory or commercial sensitivity reasons, the question will still be reported, with the reason for no answer being provided.

Dr Suzy Dilly, Chief Executive Officer, commented “Scientific progress can be challenging to report in a manner understandable by all, so it is usual for some shareholders to ask questions after an update has been notified. It is probable, that if one person asks a question that a dozen people are thinking the same, so by using the proposed Q&A system, although responses will be scheduled, we hope that all shareholders will benefit from this initiative. The six-month trial period of this approach will allow us to consider effectiveness of communication and to adjust the strategy as needed for long term use.”

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