Valereum Blockchain (AQSE:VLRM) Launch of VLRM Secured Listed Securities NFT

Valereum launches “The Bridge”: the First Secured Listed Securities NFT

Partnership with Vinay Gupta’s Mattereum Asset Passport

Valereum Blockchain Plc (AQSE: VLRM), the uniquely positioned Gibraltar based blockchain technology builder, is pleased to announce the launch of “The Bridge” – the Non-Fungible-Token (“NFT”) securities financial platform designed to strategically, securely and safely link the fiat (Government-issued currency) and crypto worlds.

The Company will be working with Vinay Gupta’s Mattereum, its partner in this venture, to have its first listed company NFT live on a crypto exchange in the coming weeks.

For the first time, Valereum’s new Bridge Financial Platform will provide a tradeable NFT on multiple crypto exchanges that will securely link specific fiat listed securities (shares) and listed debt of all kinds – from Alibaba to Zoom and from Chinese debt to US Treasuries.

Purchasers trading a Valereum launched Bridge NFT can be sure it is backed by the underlying security due to the use of the Mattereum Asset Passport. This is a world-leading financial innovation to create 24/7/365 digital trading bridging the Crypto world to the fiat world.

This will be achieved by the use of our partner’s product – the Mattereum Asset Passport or “MAP”.

How The Process Works:

Fiat securities are purchased on world markets on conventional exchanges. These are then held by the Valereum trustee. The trustee secures these in a MAP. A Bridge NFT linked to this MAP is then issued on the selected crypto exchange. Accordingly, the Bridge NFT represents the original security, securely tracked by the MAP.

The holder of the NFT, from time to time, can claim the underlying securities on request should they wish. Thus, the NFT can be pledged to raise debt, with the lending institution secure in the knowledge that the original fiat assets are available at any time. This avoids the high loan to value ratios often demanded of crypto holders by enabling them to pledge fiat assets without leaving the crypto markets.

The Bridge:

The crypto markets trade 24/7/365 and are accessible from any corner of the globe. As the Bridge expands, its NFTs will enable crypto holders to trade any global markets, whether they are listed equities, debt or derivatives related, without leaving the crypto universe thus hedging their exposure to all forms of securities in multiple jurisdictions.

Richard Poulden, Chairman of Valereum, said: “This has been a major design effort between Valereum and Vinay Gupta’s Mattereum. The Bridge creates a globally unique and sophisticated financial product that can potentially transform the way individuals, financial institutions and Governments can potentially trade the global real world and crypto markets. We are particularly grateful for the support of our lawyers at Hassans International Law Firm in Gibraltar for making this possible. We see a huge future ahead for The Bridge, something that has the ability to transform the way the world interacts between the crypto markets and the real world financial markets.”

Vinay Gupta, CEO of Mattereum said: “This is a brilliantly innovative use of the Mattereum Asset Passport. The assets linked to the NFTs are real and uniquely identifiable and Mattereum Asset Passports ensure that those holding or trading them have certainty and confidence in this asset class, wherever they are in the world. Working with Valereum on this project is exciting and we look forward to our collective leap into the future”.

The Mattereum Asset Passport:

Designed by Vinay Gupta, the Mattereum Asset Passport is a third-party verified digital identity for assets stored on the blockchain. They can be assigned to a diverse range of asset classes including securities, fine art, collectables, luxury goods, aviation parts, consumer electronics, and many more.

The Mattereum Asset Passport bundles legal and digital agreements which denote true ownership of an object while providing secure digital provenance, certificates of authenticity, insurance frameworks, and dispute resolution. These smart legal agreements are cryptographically signed and secured on-chain and stored in distributed storage networks.

Valereum Blockchain Plc

Richard Poulden, Chairman

Tel: +44 7551 863830

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