US investment bank states that hVIVO is reinforced by powerful industry momentum.

Stifel’s Insight on hVIVO PLC

The esteemed American investment bank, Stifel, has recently launched an analysis of hVIVO PLC – a leading contract research organisation (CRO) that focuses on human challenge clinical trials (HCTs). Stifel suggests a target share price of 27p, which is a notable 42% jump from hVIVO’s existing price of 19p.

Why the Optimism?

The optimistic projection is rooted in hVIVO’s persistent financial strength and its pivotal role in the pharma and biotech domains.

  • Unique Positioning: hVIVO stands out globally for its expertise in HCTs. These trials involve exposing healthy participants to infectious diseases in a strictly regulated setting. For pharmaceutical and biotech companies, this approach is cost-effective, swift, and strategically beneficial. Stifel’s insights hint at hVIVO being the top choice for enterprises because of its vast expertise in HCTs.
  • Financial Growth: In 2022 alone, hVIVO boasted a remarkable 30% YoY revenue surge and has a three-year CAGR at 51%. By June 30, 2023, its record contracted order book reached £78 million. This provides a clear view of its potential revenues up to late 2024. The firm’s EBITDA for 2022 stood at £9.1 million, translating to an 18.7% margin. For 2023, Stifel anticipates hVIVO’s revenue to touch £55 million with an EBITDA margin of 19%.
  • Revenue Diversification: hVIVO’s financial foundation is bolstered by two other entities – FluCamp, their volunteer enlistment platform, and Venn Life Sciences, their internal consultancy service. These arms not only supplement hVIVO’s growth but also position it to capitalize on cross-selling opportunities with HCT contracts.
  • The Market’s Future: The resurgence of interest in infectious diseases and the increasing appeal for HCTs predict a favourable trajectory for hVIVO. Their consistent performance, their growth in contract acquisitions, and plans for facility expansion underpin this confidence. Stifel’s note encapsulates the sentiment: the renewed focus on infectious diseases, coupled with hVIVO’s consistent performance metrics and expansion plans, makes a compelling investment proposition.

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