Upper Thames Hldgs (AQSE:UPPT) First Series of Derivative Tokens to be Launched

The Company, (to be renamed Valereum Blockchain Plc subject to shareholder approval) (AQSE: UPPT) the new global blockchain derivatives provider.

Is pleased to announce that it has initiated the launch of its first series of securitised derivative tokens (digital assets) on a fully regulated cryptocurrency exchange. It is anticipated that the first tokens will be launched within 2 months.

Richard Poulden, The Company’s Chairman, commented; “We will provide a blockchain bridge between the conventional debt and equity markets and the multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency assets across the world. As this develops it will provide access for all investors across the world markets in a fast and cost-effective structure.”

The Company will be launching a series of tokens that will use blockchain to link the crypto world to specific Fiat currency products. This will enable individuals to trade a range of equity, derivative, and debt instruments easily and cheaply from and to anywhere in the world.

The Company also intends to assist with the launch of a series of tokens that will uniquely link to a share of future revenues in fast-growing tech-focused companies.

Note: Fiat currency/money refers to a government-issued currency that is not backed by or pegged to a commodity such as gold or any other item of intrinsic value. The last currency to be linked to gold was the US dollar which removed that link in 1971. All modern currencies are thus Fiat currencies valued only by dictates (Fiat) of the states that issue them.

The Directors of the Company accept responsibility for the contents of this announcement.

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