Ukrainians now having reached the city of Kupiansk, as breakthrough threatens to turn into a rout

Ukrainian officials shared photos of troops raising their flag above the main railway station that supplies Russian forces in northeastern Ukraine. This was a result of the possibility of a Russian frontline collapse.

With the potential encirclement of thousands of Russian troops

A Reuters journalist was inside a large area captured in recent days by the advancing Ukrainian troops. He saw Ukrainian police patrolling cities and ammunition boxes lying in piles at abandoned positions by fleeing Russian soldiers.

The advance reached Kupiansk where the rail lines connecting Russia and eastern Ukraine meet.

Natalia Popova (an advisor to the head of the Kharkiv region council) shared photos on Facebook showing troops raising a Ukrainian flag in front of Kupiansk’s city hall. They were presented with a Russian flag. “Kupiansk, Ukraine. She wrote: “Glory to the armed forces Ukraine.”

The security service of Ukraine confirmed that Kyiv had troops in Kupiansk.

Reuters visited Hrakove to see the destruction of vehicles bearing the Russian “Z” symbol and piles of ammunition and rubbish in positions that the Russians had left in apparent haste.

A wall was painted with the words “Hello everybody, we are from Russia,” In a yard, three bodies were found in white bags.

Volodymyr Tymoshenko was the regional chief of police. He stated that the Ukrainian police had moved in on the previous day and had checked the identities local residents who had been under Russian occupation since the second day of the invasion.

“The first task is to give them the help they need. Documenting the crimes perpetrated by Russian invaders in the territories they temporarily occupied is the next task.

If confirmed, the capture of at most part of Kupiansk could leave thousands of Russian soldiers at the frontline, cut off from supplies and potentially trapped in Izium (Russia’s main stronghold in the northeast and logistics hub).

In an intelligence update, the Ministry of Defence of Britain stated that a Russian force around Izium was likely to become increasingly isolated.

“Ukrainian units threaten Kupiansk, and their capture would be a major blow to Russia since it sits on supplies routes to the Donbas frontline.”

Mark Hertling is a former four-star general who was also a commander of U.S. ground troops in Europe. He tweeted: “Make No mistake, Ukraine is performing a brilliant manoeuvre focused upon terrain objectives to ‘bag’ Russians. The Russians are supporting them, by doing very little to combat.

In a video address to the nation, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy stated that at least 30 settlements were liberated in Kharkiv during recent advances.

“Our army, intelligence units, and the security service are engaged in active engagements in a variety of operational areas. He said this in a video address.

Officials from Ukraine have published a series of photos showing troops entering previously Russian-held cities and being welcomed by residents who had been living under Russian military occupation for six months.

Oleksiy Arestovych was a consultant to Ukraine’s presidential offices. He posted a YouTube video saying that the Russians in Izium were almost alone.

After a long period of war that had become a constant grind along established front lines, Ukraine’s rapid advance in the East is its greatest success in months.

Surprised that it happened so soon after Kyiv had announced the beginning of a long-awaited counterattack to reclaim Russian-occupied territory hundreds and kilometres away at Kherson, the southern end of the front.

Although less information has been released about this operation, Kyiv also claimed some success there, cutting supply routes for thousands of Russian troops stranded on the west bank Dnipro River.

U.S. Defense secretary Lloyd Austin said that he saw success in Kherson, and some success in Kharkiv, which was very encouraging at a news conference held in Prague on Thursday.

Tens of thousands have been killed, many millions have been expelled from their homes, and Russian forces have decimated entire cities since they launched “special military operations” to “disarm Ukraine. Russia denies deliberately targeting civilians.

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