Top 4 Cryptocurrencies with Massive Potential in 2021

When it comes to investing in any kind of market, one must do a considerable amount of research before making any move. The past year has been difficult for all kinds of markets, and people are still hesitant to invest in stocks, crypto, or any other investment options affected by the pandemic.

Whether people wanted to invest in straightforward stocks like Walt Disney Company or something a bit more complicated like the private aviation sector due to Aviation InterTec, the pandemic didn’t feel like the right time for it. However, when it comes to the crypto market, people who started investing in the market right after the initial pandemic plunge actually benefited from it. Bitcoin dropped down to $5000 in March as lockdowns were being implemented all across the globe. While other markets were still on the decline, it didn’t take Bitcoin much time to rise again and shoot for the moon. In January, the popular cryptocurrency reached an all-time high as it surpassed the $40,000 mark. As of today, bitcoin is still valued at a whopping $38,000 and isn’t looking to crash anytime soon.

Bitcoin wasn’t the only coin that skyrocketed during the pandemic. Ethereum also saw impeccable success in this period as it went from $106 in March 2020 to a staggering $1600 and still rising in Feb 2021. Also, there were many other coins that might not have surged that high, but they yielded good profits nevertheless. This has attracted a lot of attention, and people are hungry to invest in cryptocurrencies that are stable in the long-term or can give them a profit ranging from 10x to 100x. With smart contracts being in high demand, there are plenty of coins out there that have the potential to blow up. In this article, I have mentioned a few alt cryptocurrencies that have massive potential in 2021. Let’s have a look: 

Monero (XMR)

Monero might be one of the most controversial cryptocurrencies out there, but it is also among the most well-established ones. The idea that separates Monero from other crypto coins is total privacy. While crypto itself promotes financial freedom, Monero takes it to another level by offering total privacy to its investors. Even though Monero has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, it is still going strong and is an attractive investment. No one has been able to crack Monero’s decryption so far, and every transaction you do on the platform stays completely anonymous. So, if you are looking to create a crypto portfolio, don’t forget to consider this one.

Theta (THETA)

Theta is an innovative project that will change the way we think about streaming and online content completely. Theta blockchain is the only infrastructure out there that can decentralize video delivery and streaming. What makes Theta a good investment is an advanced technology that is helping them decentralize and democratize video streaming. As we enter 2021, streaming is still one of the hottest things out there. From YouTube to Twitch, every platform is blowing, and we are expecting Theta to rise as well.

Injective Protocol (INJ)

INJ is a decentralized derivatives exchange that was launched in 2020 and is built on the cosmos. This decentralized currency will allow its users to trade swaps and spots without any permission. They will also be able to structure their own derivatives on the platform and create a market for it. One of the main reasons to put your money on INJ is that they are backed by some of the most popular VCs in the market. So, if you are looking to go for something that is offering a decentralized exchange for anything that has a price, you must look into INJ once.

BarnBridge (BOND) 

Barnbridge is a Defi project and is an amazing protocol that is looking to tokenize risk. This means that it will identify different risks in the Defi space and tokenize them. We have seen a massive shift in the Defi market place quite recently, and BOND is placed perfectly within that market. The total amount locked into BOND has surged in the past few months and is expected to throughout 2021. BarnBrdige is a little more complicated than other cryptocurrencies, so I will also recommend you to do your own thorough research before investing in this cryptocurrency.

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