The U.K refuses to rule out tougher covid rules by Christmas

After the country’s top health advisors demanded greater limits to contain the infection, Sajid Javid, Health Secretary of the United Kingdom, declined to make any changes to the Covid-19 rules.

Javid said to BBC News that “it’s time for us to be more careful: we know this is spreading faster,” Javid stated on Sunday.

He was asked if he could guarantee that a so-called circuit breaker lockdown would not be imposed in the next few days. We just need to keep things under review at this point.

As the fast-spreading Omicron variant spreads, U.K. Covid cases are at an all-time high. In the last two days, positive tests exceeded 90,000. Ministers claim that infections are increasing by two to three times per day.

According to SAGE’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (or SAGE), minutes released by the government on Saturday suggested that hospitalizations could rise to a maximum of at least 3,000 per day without stricter rules — far higher than current levels.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister, was caught between scientists calling for immediate action and MPs rebelling in record numbers last week against much milder Covid rules that SAGE now believes are necessary to maintain the National Health Service in good standing.

The situation is made worse by the fact that Lord David Frost, his minister responsible for post-Brexit negotiation negotiations, resigned on Saturday evening. He openly undermined Johnson’s negotiations with the European Union as well as his response to the pandemic.

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Frost wrote to Johnson in resignation, “We also have to learn how to live with Covid.” “I hope that we can get back on the right track quickly and not be tempted with coercive actions we have seen elsewhere.”

Johnson’s own party was putting pressure on him to not impose stricter regulations. This letter revealed this. 100 Tory MPs voted last week against plans to make Covid passes a requirement for entry to large venues and events. Only the Labour Party supported the measure.

According to Sky, the “crisis” in Johnson’s leadership by the Tories “is impacting the government’s public healthcare response”, Labour’s shadow secretary Wes Streeting said that Javid “looked like a hostage to his party.”

The British Medical Association stated that almost 50,000 NHS employees could become sick by Christmas if they don’t take action.

SAGE stated that restoring some restrictions from earlier years could “substantially decrease” the number of cases. There has been speculation in the U.K. that tighter rules could be implemented right after Christmas.

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