Symphony Environment (SYM.L) Positive Bovine Coronavirus Test Results

Symphony Environmental Technologies Plc (AIM: SYM), is pleased to announce positive antiviral test results from Eurofins Laboratories for its d2p antimicrobial masterbatch technology.

Eurofins tested Symphony’s d2p “Viricidal Activity Agent” incorporated in a polyolefin film, against Bovine Coronavirus in accordance with International Standard, ISO 21702-2019, and found a virus reduction of 99.84% in 24 hours.

The official report is due soon, after completion of quality control checks, but Eurofins has advised Symphony that these positive results are not expected to change. The Bovine Coronavirus is a close Beta Coronavirus surrogate for COVID-19.

Michael Laurier CEO said: “this is a very exciting and positive development for our global sales team to bring to the market as quickly as possible and we look forward to receiving Eurofins final report in due course.

In the challenging times that we live in today, we believe that a wide range of products from plastic packaging to Personal Protective Equipment, made with our d2p masterbatch technology will provide an extra level of protection against many different types of bacteria and fungi, and now Bovine Coronavirus.

As d2p is embedded in the plastic it will not wear off and will last for the lifetime of the plastic product.

This welcome and important news comes in addition to the approval by the FDA in the United States in February of our d2p antibacterial technology for bread packaging.”

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