Supreme Court rules Holyrood does not have power to hold a second referendum on Scottish independence

The Supreme Court ruled that Holyrood doesn’t have the power to legislate for a second referendum on Scottish independence. This is without permission from the UK Government.

Lord Reed, President of the Supreme Court stated: “The court unanimously concluded that the proposed Bill does not relate to a reserved matter. In the absence of any modification to the definition of reserved matter by an order of the council under section 30 or other sections of the Scotland Act, the Scottish Parliament is not able to legislate for a referendum regarding Scottish independence.

Nicola Sturgeon will hold a press conference in Edinburgh to discuss her next steps following the Supreme Court’s ruling that she cannot hold a referendum in the UK without permission from the UK Government.

Ms. Sturgeon wanted to hold a vote on Oct 19, next year, but it now seems impossible.

According to the leader of the SNP, her plan B was to use the next general elections as a “de facto referendum”. She also suggested that she could start negotiations with the UK Government for independence if nationalist parties receive more than 50% of the popular vote.

Labour’s shadow secretary for Scotland, Ian Murray, stated that the Supreme Court’s decision must be respected and suggested Labour could provide the necessary change for the people of Scotland.

He stated that the UK Supreme Court had made its decision. We should respect it and express our gratitude for their efforts.

“The people of Scotland want and need change, regardless of their views on the constitution. At the next election, there will be a UK Labour government that brings about change.

Anas Sarwar, leader of the Scottish Labour Party, stated that Scotland should now “focus on our problems” following the Supreme Court’s ruling.

He stated that it was appropriate for the Scottish Government to seek legal clarity on the question. The Supreme Court gave a clear answer and I am grateful for their quick work. Now, we must focus on the issues facing the country, such as rising bills and the crisis in the NHS.

“There isn’t a majority in Scotland to vote for independence or a referendum, nor is there a majority for maintaining the status quo.” One thing is certain, there is a majority across the UK and in Scotland for change. The Labour government will bring about the changes that Scotland and the UK need.

Nicola Sturgeon responded to the Supreme Court ruling by Holyrood that Holyrood doesn’t have the power to legislate to allow a second independence referendum, without permission from the UK Government.

SNP leader tweets: “Scottish democracy won’t be denied.” Today’s ruling blocks Scotland’s voice on independence. But in a democracy, our voice can’t and will not be muted. You can tune in at 11.30 am to hear my full statement.

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