Stock Market Watch: FEVR, ZOE, HUR, IES, VRS, BZT, LOGP, PVR & SLE

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By @ZaksTradersCafe

The difference between success and failure for any product, being it pills, films or drinks, can be in the distribution rather than the product itself. This was seen in the conquering Fevertree (FEVR) tonic water bubble, and looks as though it is being seen for Zoetic International (ZOE). The announcement of an agreement with the Asian America Trade Association where Zoetic’s Chill brand of CBD products could hit tens of thousands of convenience stores in the US. Indeed, one trader commented that following the deal shares of Zoetic are “way cheaper at 52p than they were three months ago at 20p” in relative terms. Zoetic shares jumped 20%.

Hurricane Energy (HUR) shares topped the stock market leaderboard, an event than until recently would have been more surprising than a pig flying around Battersea Power Station. While most were scratching their heads at the 36%, the top theories for the gain were takeover talk, an imminent RNS regarding the Spirit Energy JV, or simply bombed out oilers rising as the crude price has risen in the wake of COVID-19 vaccine news this month.

Given the way that shares of Invinity Energy Systems (IES) have almost exactly doubled since the 100p intraday low of November a couple of weeks ago, it may be said that the announcement of a 8 MWh systems for a solar-plus-storage project caught few in the market by surprise. However, given that we are in the aftermath of the Green Industrial Revolution here in the UK, it could be that investors are happy to chase more ESG inspired upside.

Perennial bear target Versarien (VRS) managed to kick £1.95m worth of sand in the face of the shorters, with the latest agreement for the advanced materials engineering group. In addition, the deal was with the Ministry of Defence, something which in terms of being pukka would pass even The Crown’s “Balmoral Test.” Indeed, the agreement to develop graphene loaded polymer composites for defence related applications, is something which was worthy of the 14% share price rise, on hush-hush value alone.

Shares of copper-gold exploration and development specialist Bezant Resources (BZT) were in focus as the company announced initial results for its drilling programmes, in addition to positive tenure news from its Hope Copper-Gold Project in Namibia. The extra kicker was the observation from the group that Copper prices continue to increase with reports of a scarcity of new projects and increased EV production demand.

Lansdowne Oil & Gas (LOGP) managed to climb 12%, as the share price squeezed higher ahead of imminent scheduled news regarding the now legendary Barryroe Farm-out. Here the haggling with offtaker SpotOn Energy feels like it has gone on and on, apparently long enough to ensure that a “seller” in the market has finally exited. Quite why this “seller” should leave the party just before it starts to swing remains a mystery given the alleged potential upside Barryroe players Lansdown, Providence (PVR) and even San Leon (SLE) with its 4.5% NPI, would be treated to according to some traders. However, one presumes it will not be long before the denouement currently due by the end of this month – unless there is yet another extension…

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