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Last Week
Last weeks Steve Shares was well followed and again thank you to @aaaaaaa136747t and @RubioToro74 ‘s for showing the potential with the informative and figure packed Iron Ridge Resources (IRR) write up.

Share Talk Event
We provided an update as to what happened at our share talk event in Cardiff. Have a read here

TipTV with Jenny Hammond and Zak Mir
Steve Shares with TipTv this week touched on Red Rock Resources, Regency Mines and Angus energy and UK Oil and Gas… Watch here.

This weeks stocks…

Cloudtag (CTAG)
Covered in previous episodes of Steve Shares, this weeks news that Cairn Financial Advisers LLP, the Company’s nominated adviser resigned after market close on 27 February came as a shock. Now shareholders will have a nervous wait for one month to see if the company can appoint a replacement nominated adviser. If not, then the admission of its AIM securities will be cancelled. Further reported was a miscommunication between the Company and Novum in relation to information relating to the placing and the subsequent material adverse market reaction to the notification the Company and Novum have mutually agreed to cancel and terminate the Subscription Agreement. It all seems like a big mess but who is to blame… the company?… The nomad? I wish holders well and will keep an eye out on this one…

Powerhouse Energy (PHE)
News over the last few weeks has been very Ying and Yang in relation to Powerhouse Energy firstly came the news as it repaid a £3.4m loan note balance to Hillgrove via a mix of funds raised in a capital raise and the conversion of debt to new shares. Then came the news that the item that was shipped without a destination in mind to showcase their waste to energy module which ‘incorporates the latest advances in material technologies and electrical and thermal efficiencies to convert waste to energy’. It has been billed as the company’s flagship reactor and has been completely redesigned, re-engineered, and constructed for commercial roll-out. What are the longer term plans for the company? Is this a longer term hold for investors now with the repressed share price but with a cleaner bill of health?

Where to start… back in January NCC announced that Paul Mitchell, the Chairman, has notified the Board that he intends to step down on 31 May and then this past week the company announced that Rob Cotton has stepped down as Chief Executive of the Group and as an Executive Director of the Board with immediate effect. With a strategic review in place and a warning on profits the share price has suffered immensely having effectively halved in 3 months. The simple question is this, is the company one that can be invested in? Time will tell as per usual…

Capita (CPI)
Outsourcing group Capita PLC on Thursday announced Chief Executive Andy Parker will leave the company later this year, this was after it was reported they had a steep drop in 2016 earnings that were below expectations. Where does this leave the longer term of the business? The group’s past year or so has enabled them to become a simpler, more streamlined group with a clear service and strategy going forward. With the company’s plan to achieve a stronger balance sheet and based on revenues that rose by 5% in 2016 to GBP4.89 billion from GBP4.67 billion in 2015. Capita said revenues have rose by 1% so hopefully the future should be a good one for the new leader to work upon. As always time will show what will happen but as long as they don’t have a difficult year on top of the last one holders seem hopeful.

Snap Inc. (SNAP)
news from across the proverbial pond this week saw the share prices of the company behind the Snapchat photo messaging application rise after their ipo. Some excellent news was that a Californian high school has made millions of dollars from the initial public offering of shares in Snap Inc Simon Chiu, the president of Saint Francis high school in Mountainview, said the school board agreed to invest $15,000 in seed money in Snap in 2012, when the company was just getting started. They had been invited to do so by one of the student’s parents, who was a venture capital investor. This news from the school was that they had sold two thirds of their holding to release $24 million dollars. After the first day of trading the company was valued at $34 Billion dollars, is this a fair value against Facebook and other social media sites? Not having used Snapchat I have had a look and it seems that they have very influential people backing the business…

Which companies do you consider undervalued and news items that the market has missed…? Let me know and I will announce via the next issue of Steve Shares…

My thought of the week
In the news this week was the story that certain police administrations were failing in putting enough officers on the streets however only one was under performing in total based against the resources that they have access to. With the decline in the amounts of money that can be spent within the services and due to the cut backs where will the separation end between how much we want to push our already over stretch services and the funding in place? If these services were in the public sector they would surely have been a takeover offer to streamline and change working procedures in place to make the services what they should be. Will there be a possibility of the service being privatised in the future?

Share Talk round up – Interviews and updates

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