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Welcome to the NEW LOOK Steve Shares. This publication is an interactive update on what’s happening over social media and the trending stocks that have made the news this week. I highlight and comment on the coming news and events in connection with the trending stocks.

I provide a round up of Share Talks key company’s interviews over the last week. If you think that a certain share or a key news item should be reported on be in the next edition, let me know by contacting me, my details are at the bottom of the page..
Last weeks publication covered thoughts on 88e and hopes and expectations going forward.

Share Talk Event
Our future up and coming event in Cardiff is gaining momentum and has a whole evening of not only companies but also a lot of headline people and other investors, come and join us and meet the Team… Find out more and book here.

This week I covered our share talk event and also Connemara #CON as a potential stock to watch…

Stock watch: Connemara Mining – Share Talk from Tip TV on Vimeo. Do you want your company to be on TipTV? Let me know and I will spread the news on your shares.

This weeks stocks…

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Ascent Resources plc (LON:AST) First covered by Steve Shares at 1.15p in October and now at 2.9p, holders breathed a sigh of relief early on this week as the company announced that they managed to successfully clear up their PG-10 well and conducted a flare test. This bodes well for holders as they will soon be telling the world their flow test results and with the pipeline in situ will soon be announcing its sales to the local markets and thus income and revenue streams. I hope the share price acts accordingly and holders are rewarded.

British Telecom (LON:BT.A) This week saw the news that longer term holders did not want to see. Having previously reporting that they found accounting issues in their Italian arm of the business last year I don’t think anyone expected the sum of the writedown to be anywhere near £530.0mn from the £145.0mn previously announced. How can a company as large as this get this so wrong? With the Share Price being down to these levels from Highs around 500p this could be the perfect longer term play as business is as normal in the grand scheme of things… As such I think it presents an opportunity for the averaging down or a new holding at a suppressed share price.

Trinity exploration and production Plc (LON:TRIN) After recently re-listing after a restructuring process with Debt of US$9.2 Mn against the cash position of approximately US$4.5 Mn. When looking at the assets in place and the past production figures and the future production of oil what is a fair Mcap? When looking against other producers the market price looks undervalued. However it seems to have stabilised in a trading range for the time being. Will the market need to see production figures and some profit coming in before a fair price? I think so…

Edenville Energy (LON:EDL) Edenville this week announced a strategic partnership with Sinohydro Corporation. A mayor player based in China with 486 international projects under construction in more than 72 countries with a Memorandum of Understanding in relation to the Company’s Rukwa Coal to Power Project. This in my opinion is a massive deal in place which Edenville and Sinohydro have signed regarding the co-development of the Project. The project plan to move forward looks good in regards to the plant and with the country banning imports it looks like the government will be driving local prices higher as well so this looks like a stock with potential this year. Time as always will tell and look forward to seeing what their plan is in the near future.

Regency Mining (LON:RGM) Announced last year on its coal plant at Rosa Coal Project and presented at our show in Birmingham about it. This week holders have been putting some figures together which if met should see a major news flow and a potential re-rating of the stock and more importantly a possible low market cap company that might not possibly need any funding for its other future projects. The figures for production of coal at 2000 tonnes per day and at $100 margin per tonne (30% lower that current coal values) are $200,000 per day and RGM has a 20% deal in place. So changing into GBP that equates to around £32500 profit to RGM per day. Assuming production around 200 days per year that is £7.5MN plus per year income. There is still capacity at the plant to wash others coal and a lot more production days are possible as well. Is the case for investment clear? I will let you decide…

SDX Energy Inc (LON:SDX) Initially announcing its listing on the AIM market in summer last year the company has gone from strength to strength and has ambition and this week have taken over a well known player in the oil industry. The company announced earlier in the month that they were going to do it and they have taken over Circle Oil Plc and thus all of its assets. With the number of assets and production figures in place, the work over of production rigs and forward looking drilling targets the market cap looks to be undervalued at only £30Mn based against its reserves and ambitions. What will the market need to see what the potential is with this company? It looks like it could be a mid tear exploration and production company in the making. Time will tell as always. Lets see the management do the talking…

My thought of the week
This is the week that was the week that Donald Trump took hold of the reigns of the world’s most powerful country. The markets, unlike post-Brexit, have not reacted in as negative a manner as the media accounts might have portrayed… Many traders and investors are still awaiting any volatility in the markets to jump on any investment opportunities that might arise. However, I don’t think much will happen going forward. Time will tell…

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