Small Caps Request Show: BLU, DKE & JLP


We highlight Blu Star Capital (BLU), Dukemount Capital (DKE) & Jubilee Platinum (JLP) today.

Blu Star Capital (BLU):
I have been told all kinds of rocket science things about Blu Star Capital, which at least explains why there has been a buzz around the stock, and why there has been a decent breakout on the daily chart. The fundamental sound byte is that Blu Star Capital’s stake in Satoshipay is 31%, and Satoshipay has a collaboration with both Visa, Paypal and Iota. Apparently the crypto community – mostly strange people even at the best of times, is starting to appreciate the area Blu Star is involved in. As far as the technical position here is concerned, it can be seen how there has been progress within a rising trend channel which can be drawn in on the daily chart from as long ago as May. The floor of the channel runs through 0.32p. While above this zone one would be looking for a 3 months target as high as 0.6p.

Dukemount Capital (DKE):
Stock of the moment, at least of the week, appears to be Dukemount Capital, with the main problem for technical traders here being that there is not much to go on in terms of the price action in recent months, the latest rally notwithstanding. But there is just about enough here for one to draw a broadening triangle with its resistance line projection heading as high as 0.66p. Given that recent resistance was in the low 0.4p’s and we have the 50 day moving average at 0.38p, we can say that at least while above the 50 day line the anticipated best case scenario target over the next 2-3 months is as high as 0.66p.

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Jubilee Platinum (JLP):
Apparently, there has been a recovery of late in the Platinum price, something which Donald Trump’s “fire and fury” on North Korea can only help, as long as of course we are not all irradiated. Looking at the daily chart of Jubilee Platinum it can be seen how the stock has been bumping along the bottom of a wide rising trend channel which has been in place since the beginning of the year. The message currently is that even though the stock has gapped up well through the rising 200 day moving average – a decent signal for aggressive bulls, it may still be worth waiting on a weekly close through sticky resistance at 5p before cautious traders feel thy can press the buy button. The upside through 5p is seen as being a rather obvious March resistance retest around 7p.

Zak Mir is Co Founder, technical analyst, author, broadcaster and financial markets commentator.

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