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Welcome to the NEW LOOK Steve Shares. This publication is an interactive weekly update on what’s happening over social media and the trending stocks that have made the news this week. I highlight and comment on the coming news and events in connection with the trending stocks. I provide a round up of Share Talks key company’s interviews over the last week. If you think that a certain share or a key news item should be reported on be in the next edition, let me know by contacting me my details are at the bottom of the page…

Please keep those ideas and suggestions coming if there is more you feel we can be doing to help you and your investment journey…

If there is a share, event or person on social media that you would like to spread the news about or say thanks to let me know and I will cover these in the next publication of Steve Shares.

Last Week

Last weeks Steve Shares was extremely well received with a real buzz around Regency Mining and its Rosa Mine figures, I was inundated over the weekend with comments in regards to the figures and wishes to be added to any twitter talk groups. I decided also to cover via TipTv and I wish all well with their investments there.

Share Talk Event

Our future up and coming event in Cardiff is gaining momentum and has a whole evening of not only companies but also a lot of headline people and others… See the event and book here.


Steve Shares with TipTv this week updated on our Cardiff event and covered RGM due to popular demand and PML. Plus a message of well done from Zak Mir for highlighting AEX from 2.00p per share to its current levels around 2.8p per share. Watch here. 

This weeks stocks…

Greggs PLC (LON:GRG) everyone knows the name Greggs and they have certainly been around for quite a while. Looking into the company and following on from last years reports and workovers of their retail outlets is there a case for investment? They have over 1750 stores and last year had sales up 7% and 208 refits completed and were paying a dividend… So what for 2017? With forward looking vision it looks promising, with 13 consecutive quarters increasing like for like sales and the hope that the full yearly reporting will show better than hoped expectations when reporting. When looking at the graph at highs at the beginning of last year at 1300p and a solid base and bounces from 3 different areas the business in the 900p’s region there seems to me that there is more potential upside versus the down side risks…

Several companies that have gone largely unnoticed over recent times…

Trinity Exploration and Production Plc (LON:TRIN) mentioned last week and I would like to highlight again the fact they have assets that are producing and are doing work overs on them. When you look at the production figures that are known, I again have to ask what is a fair market cap?

SDX Energy (LON:SDX) The old and the new, having acquired assets from circle oil, they are selling gas at $9 per mcf on their Morocco asset so quite above spot price, with a drill coming up in south disouq and 3D interpretation before hand is there a traders movement in the share about to happen? Financial position £42mn working capital with £18mn in cash and circa £20mn in profits per annum to come in a £75Mn package? Growth and expansion to come and potential of dividends in the longer term could this be the next Sound energy in the making?

China Africa (LON:CAF) This week they announced an investment into a company by the name of GET and its copper targets in the Kalahari copper belt. This has not been seen by the larger market it seems, however are investors and traders being put of by the comments based around issues with potential de-listing? Could it be a good entry at today’s prices with recent highs at over double? Are there funding issues going forward?

BOS Global Holdings (LON:BOS) This week they had an RNS announcement where they have said that they are looking at a £80Mn tender request for IT services from the UK government. Having worked and having a proven concept via the Malysian government could this be the first of many contracts they can bid for? Can they win such a tender award and more importantly could they deliver the services to such a high stakes consumer?

Mkango Resources (LON:MKA) Mkango this week announced that they would start exploration work on their uranium licence area Thambani. With old 1950, 60’s resource date samples showing high grades of Uranium, Lithium over a large resource area everyone missed the wording after the site visit. The word Lithium was used and this was not being mentioned on social media and has not been mentioned before. Is there potential for this to be another mineral on the acreage?

What company’s do you consider undervalued and news items that the market has missed…? Let me know and I will announce via the next issue of Steve Shares…

My thought of the week

Premier African Minerals had news which shareholders did not like this week, almost a dirty world in the industry of fundraising via Darwin and its convertible loan notes… Has there ever been a company where they have caused a shareprice to rise? Why do shareholders not like them…? What next for the company?

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Let me know what should be in next weeks article and I will report on the shares that matter to you…

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