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I provide a round up of Share Talks activities over the last week.

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Trending this week


Share Talk has gone through the re branding and has a new look website so please go and take a look… My name is soon to be up there in bright lights. I have a question for you for a change!

Seen as a mentor by some, a sharer of facts and knowledge by others, with a view to helping anyone even just to agree with your information to hand, what would you like to see me do to help you and your investments? How can I interact with your companies to aid your decisions? How can I help further with ‘you’?

I am open to all suggestions and ideas and I will see what I can do to help the average PI to help themselves!

Whats hot? Whats not?

Highlands natural resources (HNR)

Hot topic on many news fronts, across social media and hitting the top of the chat boards HNR has had a volatile share price this week. News from the recent annual general meeting were reported as being favourable and positive and talk was about the third tranche of warrants, which have recently caused the fluctuations in the share price. The CEO said these won’t be exercised for the foreseeable future. The general consensus was that the two tranches of shares were now exhausted and allowed free movement of the share price. News came on 30/9/16 that highlighted the facts that Schlumberger have extended the DT Ultravert contract, Helios drilling matched expectations and they were planning to drill a horizontal well on the Eagleford Shale play. Then news in the afternoon that the third Tranche of shares have been exercised explained the share price action on the mornings news.

With so much news flow due in the short and mid term and the results being in line with expectations what are your thoughts in relation to the share price? Will all of the prospects meet their expectations? With the dynamic approach to the teams to combine gas volumes in the two plays do you think the management and drilling teams are excited over the potential of the product?

Your thoughts, comments and questions are welcomed on #sthnr tag me in @slarratt1

Cloudtag (CTAG)

Covered several issues ago Cloudtag has gone from strength to strength, with the news being talked about the product launch and up and coming meetings. Again some brilliant research by share champion @Liam_Nicholas shows the future potential deals that could be on the table. Here he is in his own words… I posted that world-leading research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies IMEC are hosting a “Nano meets healthcare” event on Tuesday 4th October in Baltimore USA. World leading companies such as Emocha, GSK Bioelectronics, Intel, imec, Johns Hopkins University, Johnson & Johnson Innovation Center, miDiagnostics, National Nanotechnology Initiative Coordination Office, and Phillips and Under Armour as well as others will share their vision on the future of healthcare. I was alerted through the IMEC app that the attendee list had been publicised and CEO of CloudTag Amit Ben-Haim was on the attendee list as a guest, with Chris Van Hoof – Director Wearable Healthcare & Fellow, imec / Holst Centre Professor. Together they are presenting “Human electronic interface – The virtual coach: tools for chronic disease management and for prevention through behaviour change” Imec and Cloudtag Collaborate on High Quality Frictionless Wearable technologies for Lifestyle Coaching.

What are your views and opinions on new investors joining the share after recent rises? What are the expected news flows? Are the bigger players lurking in the shadows for a buyout of the product? Could we see many more excellent pieces of research from @Liam_Nicholas ?

Your thoughts and comments are welcomed on #stctag and tag me in @slarratt1

Sports Direct International (SPD)

Famous for its catchy jingle and oversized mugs, Sports Direct shareholders have had a bad run in the media as well as in the share price over the last few months. With the media coverage being negative and the falling in profit margins, is the company now one you could invest in? News fell on Friday of last week about the resignation of the Chief Executive and director of the company Dave Forsey. Does the new manager have the drive and ambition to make the company as good as it once was? Has the fundamentals of the business changed so much to warrant the drop from the recent highs? What would you do to change the company going forwards?

Your thoughts and comments please on #stspd

Independent O&g (IOG)

Talks over social media about troubled times ahead with the board of directors having previously raised so many people’s hopes up with the expected results on the drilling program for ‘Skipper’ The results this morning showed an 11api oil discovery. This would normally indicate that it is most likely to be noncommercial in this current oil climate. With commentary pre and post drill what are your thoughts about the Board of Directors and their hopes and expectations? Are the assets they have targeted sound? Is the potential Vulcan acquisition at risk? Is the lower share price a good potential entry for new holders?

Your thoughts, comments and questions are welcomed on #stiog tag me in @slarratt1

My thought of the week – Deutsche Bank

In today’s world of high technology and computing power it still amazes me how the most needed facts and figures needed globally are only reported on every few months or are kept as an unknown. This week saw the news that Deutsche bank should make a $14bn (€12.5bn) payment to settle an investigation into its sale of residential mortgage-backed securities in the years immediately before the start of the financial crisis. This Following the US Department of Justice proposal earlier this month that the German lender had acted wrongfully. Should pre programmed parameters have been set up by the authorities governing the banks to protect consumers?

Why talks of a bailout by Angela Merkel have been even discussed and furthermore discounted by herself are beyond recognition as the facts are out there. The media states that on paper the bank is worth 60 billion Euros. So initial thoughts are that it should be a massive issue to raise this additional amount needed to fund the payment… The bank only having put aside about a third of that amount it all looks terrible! Enter Co-Chief banker Cryan who has reported that the bank has circa €215billion in reserves. Why has he allowed all of the unrest in the already ailing banking sector? Where are the clarifying statements from him to take the pressure of the sector and indeed Europe? As Europe’s biggest bank all eyes are on them and the future at present is not looking trouble free.

Just a thought… back in March there was a global stress test on all banks worth over $50billion in which Deutsche bank failed. Could this be a move in which to devalue the bank so as next years stress test won’t include them?

Share Talk round up

This week on Conkers Corner

@conkers3 interviewed the co-founder and Director of Private Clients at Investment Quorum, @PetronellaW Petronella West. Investment Quorum is an award winning independent boutique Wealth management service.

Having started off in Administration at 18 years of age, Petronella spent ten years at the Halifax Independent Financial Advisers where she completed all Financial Planning exams. She went self-employed in 1997 and co-founded Investment Quorum in October 2000. Investment Quorum is a deliberately sized boutique wealth management firm who delivers high quality financial planning and investment solutions to private clients, trusts and charities.

Listen now to gain insights into how Petronella invests and learn from the lessons in her successful career helping others.

Listen to the interview here 

Interviews and updates

Share Talk presents Kolar Gold Ltd Share Talk caught up with Cameron Parry non-executive last week in London to ask questions share holders had submitted.

He comments on how, “the new management has made significant progress to remedy structural deficiencies and operational inefficiencies that existed within the company previously. Concurrently we have been developing a strategy to build value and generate cashflow whilst managing risk.”

Read the interview here

Share Talk presents that Ferrum Crescent is to issue share to complete the acquisition of the GoldQuest assets.

Read the article here

Share Talk presents that Noricum Gold Limited, announces that it intends to change its name to Georgian Mining Corporation (EPIC: GEO). Noricum is also proposing to consolidate the existing ordinary share capital of the Company.

View the article here

Share Talk presents an interview with the AIM-listed Goldplat Plc (GDP), CEO Gerard Kisbey-Green with regards to the company’s Preliminary results.

Gerard gives a detailed overview of Goldplat’s return to profitability and the continued strength of its market-leading gold recovery operations in South Africa and Ghana. He explains that GDP are also making progress to geographically diversify the business into Africa, as well as into South America.

Gerard covers the cost improvements and initiatives taken by his team that led to GDP now having a net cash position of £2,056,000. He points out that a key strategic focus will be to return Kilimapesa back to profitability. Gerard adds that GDP are now financially well placed, should suitable additional assets become available for purchase.

Listen to the interview here

Share Talk presents The ninth episode of London South East’s TV Show for Traders and Investors ‘Share Views’. Host Zak Mir discusses early stage investment opportunities and how to profit from them.

View the interview here

Share Talk presents: the price of caution, an article by @wheeliedealer about how to plan for the year ahead providing valuable insight and knowledge about investing.

Read the article here

Share Talk presents the St Brides weekly news update for 24/9/16

Read the presentation here

Share talk presents The eighth episode of London South East’s TV Show for Traders and Investors ‘Share Views’.

Bloomberg regular James Bevan, CIO of CCLA Investment Management, discusses the Oil price outlook and companies in that sector with Zak Mir.

A good, old-fashioned face-to-face conversation is had (no slides or charts!), with James discussing the forecast and influencing factors on the Oil price in the near-term. He also identifies two Oil-related companies he favours and those that do not share the same potential (in his opinion).

View the interview here

Share Talk presents that W Resources has commenced drilling at its São Martinho Gold Deposit, which forms part of the CAA / Portalegre licence in South Eastern Portugal.

Read the full news release here

Share Talks presents the new WResources investor presentation.


Commencement of tungsten concentrate production at La Parrilla in Spain

La Parrilla has unique combination of very low unit capital costs and low operating costs of US$81/mtu over the first 6 years of production

Low-cost, high-grade development of Régua planned

Gold and copper assets advancing

view the article here

what’s on next…

Thank you for your interactions

@Faslam_aslam mentioned #TRP still awaiting on news there, and has added #PXOG #MKA and #88e as potential news flow stories to come.

@DanCButler has mentioned #PREM has lots of news due, according to their RNS they should be updating the market in September… Monday morning RNS?

@jonesejm has mentioned premium placing for #NLG we still await news, and another #MKA

@wayne_lomax1 #PROX still awaiting on next news, thoughts on half yearly report? #TLOU released good news on its Environmental Impact Statement stating it has been approved… #RHL. Doing well thus far…

@Multibagger_AIM and @markscott247 still awaiting newly listed #CPT news flow in due course apart from the recently announced Chinese agreement?

@Watermelon_Pir is expecting news on #ALBA and #MKA what are you hoping for? @Awkturtle1 has said it shows great potential

@ShehnazPatel3 has highlighted #EDL as they are sat on 171 million tons of coal and have done a recent placing to further the project. @stephenfryup1 asked about the board of directors, is there something we should be aware of?

@stephenfryup1 said that #WSG looks good at long last after yesterday’s RNS is hoping for good near term news flow and a £35m (15 years) p/a contract.

@AIM_Chaos mentioned #BMN and is expecting multiple news on many fronts near term with the share price at an all time low could it be a good entry point? He will do a write up for followers via Steve Shares soon.

Any news flow due soon in the stocks and shares that you are investing in? Let me know your thoughts and comments #stwon and tag me in @slarratt1 so I can know what is hot for news…

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