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Last Week

Last weeks Steve Shares was well followed, SDX congratulations were well received and people were asking my thoughts on the oil. Comments of no TipTv coverage showed me how the following was gathering pace and how many stocks were highlighted that people enjoyed following. More importantly it showed it helps others to gain knowledge and insight to new shares. That is what it is all about, sharing knowledge and information, it helps everyone and as always I am happy to give my thoughts on any company, if there is one you would like me to cover on TipTv let me know!


This week I covered ECO Atlantic Oil and Gas and Venture Life Group. The write ups are at the end of this publication as always, but here is the link for the companies covered on Friday’s TipTv Stock Watch:

This weeks stocks…

Ferrum Crescent (FCR)

Last week I commented about the Moonlight project seems to be on the back burner as the political areas have changed and those fears this week were realised as the company released the news that the partner they were in discussions with have pulled out. As with everything however the fear of a placing was less after they released their quarterly reports which showed a better than most expected balance. As I commented on last week with the known zinc grades in place this has left many holders hoping for a good set of results to break even. Many who were stock watching have jumped on board to hold during the drilling results. Are you a holder who is thinking of averaging down? Have you sold upon this news? Thoughts and comments are welcomed.


A favourite of mine post Brexit with other housing based shares the company this week again released favourable news for holders. Lloyds has released a positive set of results in which profits grew 1.4% to £2.1bn. The dividend yield, within the group is what they are favourites for are one the main reasons many buy Lloyds shares. On current consensus, the stock currently offers a yield in excess of 5%. but the thing I like at present is that the government stake is now below 2%. Will we see the near term target of 95p reached at any point this year? This is a new solid base according to a lot of chartists around the 70p mark. As always time will tell, but I am hopeful of a longer term hold that will hopefully reward holders further.

Sound Energy (SOU)

The company is currently drilling at its Badile prospect with the fourth casing point news expected soon. However news this week to highlight was the Mobilisation of the rig to Sidi Moktar from their recent Tendrara well (TE-8) in Morocco. Sidi Moktar is close to existing infrastructure, the historic data looks very promising but needs some drilling results to provide further upside potential I feel. As previously announced by the Company, the Sidi Moktar licences are meant to have significant pre-Jurassic exploration potential in excess of 1 Tcf unrisked. However a previous operator alluded up to 9 Tcf unrisked GOIP (gross) in the TAGI and Paleozoic payzones. The Company will require the reprocessing of existing 2D seismic, acquisition of new 2D seismic and drilling results before forming its own volume estimates for the exploration potential of the Sidi Moktar licences. Very soon they will execute the re-entering and testing of the two existing wells on the Kechoula discovery and they will then report from that point. The key item that most missed was the proposed farm out, the company said that it was to retain its 75% operating position in the Sidi Moktar licences. Is this a potential giant in the making? I think so…

What company’s do you consider undervalued and news items that the market has missed…? Let me know and I will announce via the next issue of Steve Shares…

My thought of the week

Back to the grindstone and I have this week had many people again asking my thoughts surrounding several stocks via Whatsapp and on Twitter. Many people have asked me and said “I hope this is okay to ask?”. I take pleasure in helping others to talk about the shares that they are in and might be investing in. As always, I cannot give advice, but can help you gain valuable insight knowledge and a fresh pair of eyes on the stocks you are looking at. This year looks very interesting based on the first quarter… lets see how the first half ends. Again thank you for your interactions as there are so many stocks we cant all be experts in them all.

The Biz Lounge – ‘Taking the stress out of stocks…’

Mark Johnson’s regular video features this week covered BP, Richard Branson, Gina Miller, Whitbread, Woolworths, the BBC and Croda to name but a few!

TheBizLounge: Is BP worth getting into now? And should Branson & Miller become politicians?

The Biz Lounge: Shares in chemicals giant Croda surge on update & why it’s great to be a BBC boss

The Biz Lounge: Whitbread’s full year falls short & can Woolworth make a comeback?

Share Talk round up – Interviews and updates

Conkers Corner

In this interview @Conkers3 had the pleasure of speaking with Colin Lloyd @colindlloyd who has been working in the City of London’s financial hub since 1987. He has covered media policy, marketing, sales, derivatives, commodities, bonds, Hedge Funds and much more during his career.

From his Grandad working for Rensburg a stock broker in Liverpool in the 1930’s. To his current work in the city with his own consultancy to help Hedge Funds and start ups. Listen now and gain insight into his knowledge and learning journey:

Share Talk Presents an interview with Justin Tooth of Ferrum Crescent

Share Talk Presents an interview with Mick Billing of Thor Mining

Share Talk Presents an interview with Jerry Randall of Venture Life Group

Share Talk has Presented lots of other articles and can be found here.

TipTv Write ups

ECO (Atlantic) Oil and Gas (ECO)

Dual listed in Canada and on the AIM market. Assets in Namibia and Guyana. Partnerships with Tullow oil already in place and about to shoot Just under 1800 square kilometers of 3D data soon. Then a drill on a free carry shortly after. The 3D seismic survey over their block is to refine the target and scope out new leads. The block has been looked at by Tullow oil and ECO and their estimates are that it contains prospective resources of just under a billion barrels equivalent oil. With others locally producing it looks a viable system and the 3D should tell us more in the future. With other company’s in similar situations but with defined targets and no partners on board this seems to be a step ahead of them as a clear way forward can be seen with uncertainty when it comes to finding partners or requiring funding. The market cap of £21mn is stable at present with low volumes of trading. They seem to have a sound board of directors and having recently listed many have possibly looked but may not understand the upside potential, it seems to have been overlooked by many as the drilling isn’t due until next year. So potentially a share for people to build a position in over the next few months as the news flow around the 3D data starts to come to fruition.

Venture life group (VLG)

I spoke to Jerry Randall the CEO this week, and investigating further the company has a clearly defined way of working in the personal health care area. Almost a Pharma type company but without all of the regulation and clinical trials. They have products all available as over the counter and off the shelf, having a broad range of products, their aim is to expand on the sales and distribution into new regions globally. Their main current product that they bought a year ago is their oral health product, its brand name is Ultradex, the product is backed up by clinical data and with it having specific claims that can be backed up the sales of the product have reacted well into the market. They have had a recent advertising campaign of have recently expanded and is now being sold worldwide. Distribution is via partners channels so a very low cost and overheads are guaranteed with this method. They have other a product called Neuroage which helps with short term age related memory loss, again with clinical data backing the claims, so is a proven entity. It is sold for under £1 a day at present in Europe and is soon to be brought into the UK market. They have acquired the rights to a Benecol type product which is under development, this will be in tablet form so could prove to be cheaper than using flora proactive and using Benecol type probiotics. Let alone the room saved in the fridge and for those that don’t like them this could provide a viable alternative! They are still developing products and expanding their worldwide reach. So hopes of upside due to more products and more markets should see the sales and figures increasing from last years. Forecast notes put the share price targets at double of where it currently is now, so maybe potential upsides are now being realised.

Share Talk has presented lots of other articles and can be found here.

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