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Last Week

Last weeks Steve Shares was well followed and VAST resources saw some brilliant news flow early on in the week. I have had requests to cover Iron Ridge Resources so a massive thank you to @aaaaaaa136747t for putting across the link to @RubioToro74 ‘s write up on the potential there.

Share Talk Event

Cardiff was a success and was a hit based around Jeff Smith and the post investment presentations. The touching presentation effected the Group Chief Executive officer of Widecells Group Plc João Andrade and caused him to stand up and make a very generous offer of running an ultra marathon and matching pound for pound every penny raised for his charitable causes at any point in the future. Share Talk will be donating and following his story as it develops.

@conkers3 will be writing an article giving an overview of the Cardiff event on the Share Talk website next week.

TipTV and Zak Mir

Steve Shares with TipTv this week touched on our Cardiff event this past Saturday and covered ROSE Watch here:
Zak Mir has kindly produced charts for us this week on ROSE:

This weeks stocks…

Unilever (ULVR) Last week I touched on the take over offer as Kraft Heinz offered $143bn to takeover the top branded household item and names owner. The two parties had said that discussions would continue however they were not in discussion for too long before they announced that any offer or bid was fully withdrawn. Many traders who bought in in the hope of a higher offer were left astonished as this happened so quickly. Almost a product of the pound against the dollar will shareholders see another potential bid in the future as Brexit takes hold?

Aminex and Solo Oil (AEX and SOLO) mentioned via TipTv at 1.9p AEX and thus SOLO have gone from strength to strength and continues to impress holders. I have been asked this week how I am capable of seeing the wood for the trees with the oillies and It is all down to research. Having looked into the area, by doing research showed the potential, and there are of course still more drills to come. SOLO having done a placing to further its exploration in the area hasn’t dampened down the rises in the share price. However holders are reminded that they are still to announce the well test results and this may be as early as next week. With hopes and expectations high and SOLO obviously being happy having done the placing could this be as big as I have ‘predicted’ it could be and be the next SOU? Lets see what the news hold and good luck to all holders of these two shares…

I covered the following on TipTV this week:

Rose Petroleum Plc (ROSE)

Rose Petroleum Plc is a multi-asset natural resources company, who have several current projects at different stages of development within exploration, development and production and they have an established portfolio already that they might be adding to in the future. Its two main business divisions are within the oil and gas and mining sectors.

History has not been kind and In April of 2016 due to economic conditions of industry Rose made a strategic decision in efforts to preserve cash as best it could and reduce its risk by relinquishing its earn in right to the Marcos and Cisco Dome back to its partner Rockies Standard. This was done due to the poor testing results conducted in the area by Rose in the Mancos, as well as eliminating the sizeable land rental cost for asset area…

Their primary Oil & Gas asset is in the Paradox Basin, Utah, USA. And they have a 75% working interest in a 130,000 acre licence area and have permitting plans in place for a 61 sq mile 3D seismic shoot that will hopefully be commencing this year. What interests me the most is the basin has been developed and has significant existing production in place, so with very high chance of success in place with other company’s when they have used 3D targeting in their exploration. The seismic data will be key to unlocking the drill targets and in identifying a prospective resource in place, with the area geology known it is a highly known prospect and somewhat de risks the area. It is similar to what 88e has done and more recently AEX/SOLO. In addition to the current assets, Rose is looking at other oil & gas opportunities, primarily in U.S. based Shale Plays. To date Rose has evaluated numerous other projects in the DJ Basin, Marcellus shale, and Bakken. So there could be potential news flow in relation to the work that’s been conducted there…

With the Company’s focus now on U.S. oil resource plays, the strategy for the legacy mining assets is to maximize shareholder value with little to no further capital investment. With the buzz in the mining sector and more recently and specfically around the up and coming needs for uranium to power nuclear facilities world wide and refuel old facilities that have ‘spent’ reactors. Roses Mines could be well positioned to see the uptrend in the markets continue. The Company is active in politically stable regions of Mexico and the USA. In Mexico, The Tango base-metals porphyry project is held by agreement that also covers gold and silver projects which are part of the same porphyry system. The centre of its mining effort in Mexico currently is where it has joint venture arrangements to optimise and operate its 100%-owned floatation mill and leach facility. Their current aim of operations are centring on projects that can generate cash from production to fund the Company’s exploration programs. The Company’s uranium holdings are located in Arizona and Utah.

As of early-2016, Rose has also been focussing on a potential third asset; a project in Cuba based around the processing and manufacturing of gypsum and gypsum-based building materials. The company is tendering to become the operator, distributor and manufacturer on the project with an overall profit share.

A massive thank you to @aaaaaaa136747t for putting across the link to @RubioToro74 ‘s write up on the vast resource potential with…

Iron Ridge Resources (IRR) an AIM listed multi-commodity exploration company with a target to become a global resource bank. Iron Ridge was created by GR Global who also brought SLOG into existence. IronRidge has licence areas in Australia, Gabon, Chad and Ivory Coast, currently 44 assets / licences in total. They have circa £4m in the bank and are backed by Sumitomo Corp. and Assore (42% shareholding and 3 board members). DGR Global have retained a 26% stake. Only 240m shares in issue and 88% held by the top 20 shareholders.


Monogorillby (Australia) Bauxite & TitaniumMaiden JORC completed in 2016. IronRidge are still drilling to increase the resource. Estimated only 2% of licence areas drilled to date with JORC compliant bauxite resource at 55MT. PMR Research Ltd recently stated that “on average one square meter of land can extract one metric ton of aluminium”. Monogorillby is 1484km2. In its 2015 company presentations, IronRidge stated a potential of 1.1billion tonnes of Titanium at 3.5% – 5% – that’s about $134billion in-ground value on the low side. Dorothe, Echbara, Nabagay, Am Ouchar (Chad) Gold Drilling started, JORC resource expected 2017 Superb grades up to 103g/t Au reported which are world class. High grades have been verified across the licences which combined stretch to 1000km2. Bear in mind that most of the world’s biggest gold mines only have ~2g/t so economically it could be a significant discovery. Vincent Mascolo (CEO) in a recent interview: “Dorothe….we think that’s going to yield a multi-million ounce deposit…….Echbara and Am Ouchar we think will mirror that”. Likely to become a major Tier 1 gold asset.

May Queen (Australia) Gold Drilling started, geology similar to the 2MOz Crakow gold mine which is 120km away and also similarities with the Red Dome copper-gold deposit with 15Mt at 2.6g/t Au (1.4MOz). Two new targets identified whilst drilling 2km and 8km along the strike. Historic drilling revealed grades up to 145g/t which are the largest documented gold grades that I can find anywhere in the world!

Tchibanga, Belinga Sud, Tchibanga Nord (Gabon) Iron Ore Recent rising iron prices have put these assets back on the map. Previous company estimates at $85 iron give Tchibanga an NPV of $4.8billion and Belinga Sud an NPV of $1.6billion (see Indaba 2015 presentation). Iron currently at ~$95 changes this to a combined $10billion. IronRidge is waiting for prices to stabilise but with world population growth continuing, infrastructure spending (especially in emerging nations) may continue to drive prices even higher.

Egyasimanku Hill Areas (Ghana) Lithium Non-JORC resource of 1.48Mt at 1.66% Li2O hard rock, pegmatite mineralisation adjacent to huge licence areas in Ghana (totalling 314km2). Lithium pegmatite swarm formations over 10km by 1 to 3km are significant. In comparison, Premier African Minerals’ Zulu licence is just 3.5km2

Enchi Proci JV Areas (Ivory Coast) Lithium No resource estimate as yet but multiple pegmatites discovered, each over 15m to 20m wide with several hundred metre strike lengths. Licence areas in Ivory Coast total 1338km2 which alone is the largest lithium acreage on AIM. Combined with the Ghana licences, IronRidge have the largest lithium exploration acreages of any UK listed company, greater than Sonora (BCN), Cinovec (EMH) and Goulamina (Birimian) combined.

Kineta North Areas (Ivory Coast) Gold Significant land package secured of 2310km2 which when combined with Chad and Australia makes this the largest gold exploration acreage on AIM. Similar splay-off structures host the world-class Syama (7Moz) and Tongon (5Moz) gold mines to the north (Gboguhue and Vavoua Projects and Soubre Project). The southern extension of the hugely gold prolific Ahafo (23Moz) – Bibiani (7Moz) – Chirano (5Moz) structure into Ivory Coast (Bianouan Project)
. The southern extensions of the North-South striking Wa (2.2Moz) – Konkera (3.3Moz) gold bearing structure (Kineta North Project).

Quaggy Creek, Glencoe West (Australia) Nickel In the IronRidge Indaba 2015 presentation, Quaggy magnetic soil sample results were compared to the infamous Nova Nickel discovery which led to Sirius Minerals 100 bagging on the ASX and subsequently getting sold for $1.4billion. Complex geology and high capex puts this as a lower priority but the potential is stunning and it won’t stay at the bottom of the pile forever!

Which companies do you consider undervalued and news items that the market has missed…? Let me know and I will announce via the next issue of Steve Shares…

My thought of the week

After Share Talk’s Cardiff event, I took valuable knowledge and insight into the wider market conditions and how they may effect my investment portfolio in the near and longer timescales. The micro, macro market dynamics and the bigger market conditions are all dynamic, however, is there a case for researching into these areas and invest within the actual sector via fund managers or is it better to look after and manage your portfolio?

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