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I provide a roundup of Share Talks activities over the last week.

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Trending this week

Thankyou for messages in response to last weeks publication the Coverage with Share Talks @conkers3 and myself @slarratt1 visiting @Zaktraderscafe on TipTv was well met and showed the vision and scope of the potential of the Share Talk team, as always we are always open to your thoughts and suggestions so please get in touch with us if there is more you feel we can be doing to help you and your investment journey…

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Whats hot? Whats not?

88 Energy (88e)
Still awaiting further news in reference to the remaining 50% potential oil in place and details on the up and coming land purchase.

Highlands Natural Resources (HNR)
News released this week was positive and the mention of Helium in the Helios drill area had bulletin boards discussing the comprehensive Interim Results. What are your thoughts on the report? We all await new news flow.

CloudTag (CTAG)
Cloudtag this week has seen some good news in the USA with a signing of an agreement with a sales and marketing partner. With what is looking at a constant news flow in relation to the sales side of the business and with the share price far below recent highs is now a good time for new investors to become involved with one of the hottest stocks of recent times? Let me know your thoughts on #STCTAG and tag me in @slarratt1

Sepura (SEPU)
Holders and traders await the news flow on the takeover bid and are hoping one materialises. With the historical share price over the last year being around £1 what do holders and traders hope to see in relation to any offer that may be tabled? I will be holding an interactive poll in relation to your hopes. Do other communications company’s have eyes on the company and might be thinking of a potential bid? Your thoughts and comments please on #STSEPU

Sirius Minerals (SXX)
Sirius Minerals Plc this week updated on the announcement from the 2nd November 2016 that the raising of £370 million in connection with its Stage 1 financing requirements to begin the construction of its North Yorkshire polyhalite project. They stated that this was modestly oversubscribed. The key question is what will the share price do post funding? And what other costs will come in the future? It is a longer term hold from this point? Let me know on #STSXX and tag me in @slarratt1
Constellation Healthcare (CHT)

What looks like another AIM first today after it agreed to take itself over. This will need shareholders approval at a date to be set in the future. The company formed by Constellation founder and major shareholder Paul Parmar is looking to take the medical billing solutions provider off the London market in a 270p a share deal. Constellation’s move to acquire itself means it joins an AIM hall of fame which includes Taihua’s (TAIH) decision earlier this year to issue new shares to investors only to immediately buy them back. The key question I have is he sees value in the business so why not refuse the offer? Are you a holder are you happy with the deal on the table? Your thoughts and comments please on #STCHT and tag me in @slarratt1

My thought of the week

There can only be one thought of the week, the well known company UK Oil and Gas (UKOG) this week released the news of the passing of Jason Berry. Jason was instrumental to the vision of the team and helped with his knowledge of the markets and helped secure the current working environment on the Horse Hill project. He and the team allowed the company to grow from a seed and I am sure we will all watch it grow into what we all hope will be an oak. Our thoughts are with the team at UKOG and Jason’s family.

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What’s On Next…

What’s On Next is simply covering Saturdays event in the Midlands, on the 26th there is an evening with like minded investors and meet and greet with CEOs of various company’s. If you live in the Midlands region take a few hours to come and meet the people behind the Share Talk team and like minded investors. Any questions in relation to the event please feel free to contact me on @slarratt1 or on 07963777475 or email See the event details here

Any news flow due soon in the stocks and shares that you are investing in? Let me know your thoughts and comments #stwon and tag me in @slarratt1 so I can know what is hot for news…

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