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Last Week

Last weeks Steve Shares was well followed and had a lot of messages in relation to TipTv where I have been asked my thoughts on a lot of oil and gas stocks. With so many company’s about to do a low risk drill for oil in known producing areas with clearly defined targets what is your strategy?

TipTV with Matt

Steve Shares with TipTv this week covered Georgian Mining Corporation (LON:GEO) & (LON:WDC) Widecells Group. 

This weeks stock’s

Infinity Energy (LON:INFT)

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Early on this week the buzz was all about Infinity Energy and after a lack of news flow over the last several months and subsequently a lack of trades and volume, the share price became very volatile with traders chasing the highs and the lows over the last week. With the company having a lack of cash flow this was very strange price movements and then came the news of a placing. The company said that this will provide the necessary funding to enable the company to press forward with their strategic goals. The Board ‘believes’ that these further funds will be sufficient to provide the Company with the funding required to undertake any required pre-completion work to execute this strategy. Shareholders should rest assured that the Company is committed to delivering news regarding the implementation of this strategy in the short-term”. Does this mean other placings will be on the way after they have announced merely the strategy? My concern is that they cant work out a cash flow sheet based around implementing a simple plan on how to work… I hope that there will be no further raises for funds, but one to keep an eye on for a while to see what this will be and if they can deliver.

Frontera Resources (LON:FRR)

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With this company being mentioned in February via Steve Shares the share price has risen nearly 500% so well done to all holders. With the only real news flow being around the joint declaration of protocol in the last few months holders and new investors listened with baited breath for their conference call, with potentials there for a restructuring of the shares and the start of production in Georgia what is a fair price for the assets? Do you not think the £40million market Cap is to high?

Tlou Energy (LON:TLOU)

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its been on the lips since the 2nd of March since Shore Capital were bought on board that there will be a placing on the way. Well holders late night observed the ASX listing’s ANN release. Which stated that, pending details of a placement to ‘sophisticated and professional investors’. Does any CEO consider its normal private investors in the markets anymore? However they are nearing production and sales at its Lesedi CBM Project with the objective of supplying the first gas-fired power in Botswana. As a holder what are your thoughts in regards to this news which clearly has disrupted the share price movement in the shorter term?

What company’s do you consider undervalued and news items that the market has missed…? Let me know and I will announce via the next issue of Steve Shares…

My thought of the week

This week I only have had one thought and that is based around the two shows that are on, firstly the master investors show this week and secondly the U.K. investors show which is next weekend. I hope to see new faces and meet up with old friends. I hope to see you there if you can make it.

Today’s TipTv stock’s

Georgian Mining Corporation (LON:GEO) and Widecells Group (LON:WDC)

GEO well it has been a year of down turn in luck for the investors of Georgian Mining shares. They were thought to be going into production a year ago but the company was fearful of producing at a profit with the mix of grades that were initially targeted at their Kvemo Bolnisi project. Kvemo Bolnisi is an advanced copper-gold exploration project with the potential to host several significant deposits, materially advancing the potential scale of a mining operation. With access to our local partner’s processing facilities and infrastructure, both capital requirements and the timeframe to production are significantly reduced. They have targeted new resources as defined at their newly released Gold project

The initial 14 vertical small diameter core drill holes drilled to a maximum 20m depth have been completed to test channel rock sample gold anomalies on Gold Zone 2, located immediately north of the Copper Zone and to the West of Gold Zone 1
·Peak gold (‘Au’) drill intercepts from the first seven 20m deep holes include:
oTGD007 – 20m @ 2.2g/t Au from 0.0m to 20.0m
oTGD002 – 14.2m @ 2.00g/t Au from 5.0m to 19.2m
oTGD003 – 12m @ 1.29g/t Au from 8.0m to 20.0m
oTGD006 – 20m @ 0.74g/t Au from 0.0m to 20.0m
·Peak grades from individual drill samples include 82.1g/t Au (0.25m sample), 7.31g/t Au (1.0m sample), 7.12g/t Au (1.5m sample), and 6.61g/t Au (1.0m sample) which confirm the presence of high-grade gold- bearing structures as part of the overall gold mineralized zone

The grades are compelling and moving forward their initial program of targeted resources have been found to be very similar to the joint venture partner who own the local mill and has shown profitability over the downturn in the sector. With the name change and share consolidation causing a 30% drop in the shareprice last year the shareprice is now at a substantial discount considering that they seem to be funded into production, which seems to be on track for the near term. With these considerable grades in place it should prove to be a very profitable project.

WDC Somewhat a misunderstood company and I will explain in simple terms what the company has done to date and will continue to do…

“We are leading a transformation in cord blood banking and stem cell treatment; making cord blood banking more accessible through insurance coverage, and increasing the availability of cord blood for transplants.”

What Widecells has done is identified the needs of a targeted audience that has already paid thousands of pounds to take these cells from the cord of the new baby and then store them at designated banks. The reason behind storing them is to provide treatment at a later date to sufferers of what otherwise could be terminal blood cancers. What was lacking in the market is the knowledge that the treatment could cost well in excess of £250,000 and can only be performed by a set team of surgeons worldwide. With many patients having already paid to have these cells stored then to find out that they might not be able to afford the treatment could provide to be a bit of a shock. Widecells has linked all of these critical components together and very shrewdly got strategic partners in place. Having come up with the unique proposal where the clients of these people that have stored cells, can pay into a monthly plan and will have adequate cover to provide the treatment and this is a targeted marketing campaign. They have identified the need and got in place the infrastructure to proceed with helping out the users of the services. The whole market has been looking at stem cell research and Widecells has already put a foot in the door and looks like a very interesting proposition going forward.

Share Talk round up – Interviews and updates

Conkers Corner

In this interview @conkers3 had the pleasure of speaking with Jan Skoyles @Skoylesy, who is a unique force in the Fintech, Blockchain sector and Gold commodity space. Jan is also a highly regarded consultant, blogger and serial entrepreneur. Jan is also the founder and a partner at Barlings Consulting in Dubai, as well as a Research Executive at Goldcore.

This discussion provides a useful insight into the journey that Jan has taken, which so far has encompassed Fintech, Bitcoin, Blockchain and Gold.

The topics discussed include:

Fintech is many different things, Fintech start-up opportunities, Dubai/Middle East Fintech Bitcoin/Blockchain innovation, Working with The Real Asset Co, Coinsilium, Goldcore, Barlings Consulting, Where Jan holds her investments, Start-up valuations, the difference between RABBITS and UNICORNS.

Listen now to gain insights into how Jan Skoyles, traverses the Fintech, Bitcoin, Blockchain and Gold space.

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