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I provide a roundup of Share Talks activities over the last week.

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Trending this week


Thank you for your feedback on the last publication of Steve Shares, @Dman487 kindly gave a write up on URU Metals which was met with great appreciation and several people said they have had it on their watch list but had forgotten about it! I have said to several people the best thing to do is get down to your local store pick up a diary for a pound and write down dates of interest for the future to revisit stocks that they have had a look at but want to research down the line…

If there is any shares that you would like to spread the news about let me know and I will cover these in ‘What’s on next’ in the next article.

Whats hot? Whats not?

The regulars…

88 Energy (88e)

News came out in the last week from 88e, the highlights of which are that the interpretation of the seismic data has identified multiple large conventional leads in the Brookian Sequence across the Project Icewine acreage amounting to 758 million barrels of prospective mean recoverable oil. Further seismic interpretation and mapping is still ongoing. With only 50% complete with potential for additional leads to be identified in the Kaparuk sands as well as other potential targets. Do holders remember they did a petroanalysis test on this section during Icewine 1? What are your thoughts on the news? Let me know @slarratt1

Highlands Natural Resources (HNR)

Highlands natural resources holders this week have been counting down the days that the warrants had left to run. Updates from @D1AMOND55 have been accurate so I am sure everyone will want to give thanks to his time and efforts on the bulletin boards, as was said by one follower he is a ‘diamond geezer’. However the main news was of the DT Ultravert Testing Update, the data collected over three weeks  following the recent testing campaign for DT Ultravert in the Piceance Basin has concluded and a successful initial demonstration of DT Ultravert as a solution for both protecting existing wells from damage caused by ‘bashing’, and enhanced well productivity by facilitating the re-fracking of the horizontal well was reported. Now I am sure talk will turn to that of what Laramie Energy, Schlumberger Limited and Calfrac Well Services Corp will have to say. What are your thoughts for the company now that the main business concept has been proven to work? Let me know @slarratt1


News is still expected in relation to Cloudtag, I hope news comes soon for holders and I will be covering these stories as they develop.

Tesco (TSCO)

Covered by steve shares two months ago, Tesco shares were in a consolidation period after falsely reporting on their accounts had made the share prices slump. Since covering however it is business as usual and the stores have continued trading and sales are up for the half of the year. From this they have reported their best first half yearly profit in several years. Is this still a good share to be in for less volatility? Will the share price recover to previously seen highs?

Your thoughts and comments please on #sttsco and tag me in @slarratt1

Strategic Minerals (SML)

On the chat boards this week again is Strategic Minerals. With steady news flow and assets in place, talk was of an RNS to be reported soon, several comments of the CEO stating that news will be out shortly has people waiting in eager anticipation with the expected news. The RNS came but not one that shareholders were expecting, the company noted the recent rises in the Company’s share price and can confirm that there is nothing further to update since the release of the 6 monthly interim results. What effect are you hoping for with the expected news? With the share price rises in the last few weeks, is now a good time to invest? What are the hopes with future of Strategic Minerals?

Your thoughts and comments please on #stsml and tag me in @slarratt1

Cambria Africa (CMB)

This week Cambria Africa announced an improvement in its operating results and closed 164% up this week. Its Payserv division achieving $5.4m in revenues, and consolidated EBITDA for the year increased by 44.7% to $1.78m, while profit increased by 85.7% to $1.43mn. Its Millchem division reported positive cash flow from operations following a significant improvement in inventory and trade receivables management, also attributable was the discontinuation of unprofitable operations in Malawi and Zambia.

“The overall improvement in results is further demonstrated by the settlement of approximately $1m in debt using cash flow from operations. “This, together with the continued financial support from Ventures Africa Limited, allowed the group to settle the Consilium and Nurture loans resulting in a significantly improved financial position.” will the future of the company have a brighter outlook after these results? Did you enjoy any gains in this stock?

Thoughts and comments on #stcmb and tag me in @slarratt1

My thought of the week

The bank of England this week has kept mortgage rates on hold. The Pound is weak, the Euro is strong. Inflation is up due to higher fuel prices at the pump and talk is of the price of kitkats about to rise? With Tesco recently halting trade for certain products, due to Unilever upping its costs by 10%, are we about to see a pinch point in our every day to day purchases? The bigger question is what are the major players who can start to control the main currency markets, and thus let the country know of its plans to stabilise our economy doing?


Share Talk round up

Interviews and updates

Conkers Corner

This week @Conkers3 spoke to Tamzin Freeman @tazinpiworld a private investor and business owner, Starting as a toddler Tamzin learnt investing from her high chair, as her parents ran a global concern manufacturing CornishWare. Tamzin has invested in shares for the last 30 years and has refined and improved her investment strategies along the way. Tamzin has used her knowledge and has co-founded 2TF: a video production company for investors and public relations and PI WORLD. 2TF is a business which publishes the videos recorded at Mello, ShareSoc, company presentations and other investor events. Using her investing nous has enabled her to engage with fellow investors, CEOS, CFOs and Presenters from a private investor’s perspective.

Listen now to gain insights into how Tamzin invests and learn from the lessons in her successful and insightful investing journey

You can listen to the podcast here


Share Talk presents two articles…

Why do we over trade?

Read the article here

How London’s Gold market has evolved over time by Nicholas Larkin,

Read the article here

Mkango (MKA)

Will Dawes speaks to Share Talk about the RNS released today and what they hope to achieve near term.

Listen to the interview here

Kolar Gold Ltd (KGLD)

Share Talk spoke to Cameron Parry from Kolar Gold Ltd about their announcement of entering into a MoU to establish a Joint Venture to develop gold exploration and mining assets in Finland.

Listen to the interview here

W Resources PLC (WRES)

Share Talk spoke to Michael Masterman Chairman of W Resources Plc speaks to Share Talk about the Startup of the La Parrilla Tungsten mine and the sale of tungsten concentrate as announced this week. He also tells Share Talk what the future holds for the mine resource and forward plans for work.

Listen to the interview here

Share Views presents

Zak Mir interviewing The Exec-Chairman of Ferrum Crescent, Justin Tooth on London South East.

Watch the interview here

what’s on next…


@dozzawba and @ShadowTradersGuild  has kindly put together a write up on their thoughts about  

Independent resource group (IRG)

IRG are and explorer of oil and natural gas. At present main interests are in the Mediterranean Basin. They currently hold interest with Nostra Terra Oil in the East Ghazalat concession located in the Western Desert region of Egypt. They are currently around $1.5m from EGPC which is due to be paid very soon. IRG also holds 100% interest in the Ksar Hadada exploration permit covering an area of approximately 2,250 square kilometers onshore south-east Tunisia of which they are looking for a partner. 12 months ago the share was valued at approximately 0.80p – it has dropped from then to its lowest at approximately 0.05p due to a disagreement with its partner Transglobe and also the Chinese owner of the licence. The Transglobe query is now sorted to the good of IRG – the Chinese owner is still in dispute but looks as though this will be sorted soon in IRG’s favour again. They have also been waiting for payment from EGPC and also from last year they have had a few placings to raise cash which dropped the Share Price. As of today they have now received a loan off their sole broker Brandon Hill of £500k on favourable terms. Brandon Hill are also 15% shareholders. This should keep the business ticking over for 5 months. Also the BOD are taking salary in the value of shares and cannot sell them until the SP hits 0.60p. There is talk that the EGPC payment is imminent and then the Brandon Hill loan can be paid off without incurring any interest – there is also interested parties in Tunisia who are currently doing due diligence – this is potentially massive as BB’s are stating that this could be circa 100 million barrels of oil.

IRG’s MCAP is 1.8MN the company has previously been in a bad place, with high debt, trouble claiming money owed as a result of Egyptian registration and an Italian dream gone badly wrong. The directors had taken shares in place of a salary in an effort to keep the company alive and clear cost reductions could be seen in the financial statement which was referenced as a cost reduction process.

This coupled with in excess of £1million Egypt pounds owed from their Egyptian asset in which they own 25% interest via a 50% JV meant that they could soon really improve their financial position past that of there Mcap value. The recent debt reduction via full loan payment solidified this and reduced the short term risk as IRG became more or less debt free. simply put there could be short term gains in this case as a result of value base V Mcap. this is where I think the real money is and the longer term potential will surely be dampened by dilution, uncertainty and market volatility.


Your thoughts and comments on the potential of the company and is there a chat group for anyone interested?

Any news flow due soon in the stocks and shares that you are investing in? Let me know your thoughts and comments #stwon and tag me in @slarratt1 so I can know what is hot for news…

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