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Welcome, the publication is an interactive weekly update on what’s happening with the trending stocks this week. I highlight and comment on the stocks that you want me to highlight or comment on. The more you speak the more I Share! I also provide a round up of Share Talks interviews over the week. If you think that a certain share or person should be mentioned in the next edition let me know my details are at the bottom of the page… If there is anything Share Talk can do to help you let us know!

Last Week

Last weeks Steve Shares was well followed with the main scope of replies being around that of Ortac Resources and the scope of their prospective projects. EVR holdings was mentioned as well as many are saying that it is a longer term hold and many are seeing this as an investment now as compared to a trade. I have this week as an oil and gas man been asked to highlight potential stocks that are targeting a drill program this year, I have covered a mix but this is not an extensive list. Thank you for your comments and your interactions and as always enjoy this weeks Steve Shares.


This week there is no coverage on stocks via TipTv however I will look forward to covering some stocks next week… If there any stocks you think that are under the radar let me know and I will add them to the list of those to look out for in the future.

This weeks stocks…

Empyrean Energy (EME)

In just over 1 week they have drilled hit and reported gas flowing at a rate of 10.9 Million Cubic Feet of Gas Per Day. The news that didn’t move the shareprice on the day left shareholders scratching their heads, as one holder stated “They have China seismic data to kick off and then interpretation and if they have anything remotely positive then this could be a mid tier company and holders will talk about buying at 6.15p when the share price is at £3.85 and paying a dividend, not to dissimilar to SOU. Was sat in the doldrums at 4p and after the consolidation the rest shall we say is history. This has similar hallmarks to SDX and AEX in the type of drills that they are targeting and the management style of the company with MATD style bounce expected. With institutional investors now on board is this a little gem in the making”? News flow still to come is on their Dempsey project which should be in the near term all being well and Mako, with China still to come. Thoughts and comments please.

Uk Oil and Gas (UKOG)

Last week, Stephen Sanderson, UKOG’s Executive Chairman’s insightful quote “I am privileged and excited to have seen, smelt and touched the oil in the KL4 samples today” was a lovely from the normal restrictive releases. This week they announced some very impressive results as at first look the finding at Horse Hill-1 was likely derived from a much larger reservoir than the two KL3 and KL4 zones alone. The possibility that UKOG have encountered a single 600-700 feet thick, naturally fractured oil reservoir section, encompassing all four Kimmeridge Limestones and underlying a significant proportion of the wider Weald Basin has come to fruition. How big could this be? With future testing and drill programs still to come they only know a small amount of knowledge but the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are being pieced together

Providence Resources (PVR)

Chat surrounding Providence has started and so has the start of the news flow. The main play of PVR is their SEL 1/11 block which contains the Barryroe oil field. The licence is located in the North Celtic Sea Basin of which they hold an 80.0% working interest in. PVR is acting as Operator with Lansdowne (20.0%). Historically five wells have been drilled on the Barryroe area. All of these wells hit hydrocarbons, three being commercially viable. Having 3D seismic data, the Company and Lansdowne drilled a sixth well. In March 2012, and the flow rates from this well, resulted in oil flow rates of 3,500 BOPD which exceeded pre-drill expectations. This week their partner LOGP have just secured a loan with the CEO commenting: ‘we believe the terms of the Loan are very attractive and a testament to the potential offered by Lansdowne and its flagship Barryroe project.’ when the full finance package is put in place then this surely will make shareholders very happy.

Jersey Oil and Gas (JOG)

On lots of people watch lists but perhaps seen as a potentially riskier prospect is Jersey Oil and Gas, based in the North Sea. Their prospective targets two of which they have planned to drill in 2017 the first named Verbier. With a Competent Persons Report putting Mean estimated resources in place of 162MMboe and P10 resources at 855MMboe and a chance of success at 29%. The company have already put a NPV target of £774 million in place, could this be a bit too premature? They have a farm out deal in place with Statoil and CIECO and this is enabling a carry on the drill up to $25m and an additional 10% carry from CIECO whilst retaining an 18% working interest. They have already contracted out the drilling rig with drilling planned for this summer we await further news flow. Their second drill is conditional on a payment of circa $4Mn with the well plan to be put in place still but they are able to use £25m of tax losses to offset the costs. JOG plan to have the drilling schedule in place over the summer so I cannot foresee an issue going forward with these programs. With other company’s targeting larger quantities of oil and in less riskier plays is this one going to remain under the radar as compared to others? Time will tell as usual.

Thoughts and comments as always are welcomed. What company’s do you consider undervalued and news items that the market has missed…? Let me know and I will announce via the next issue of Steve Shares…

My thought of the week

Post brexit the media and the European Union were saying that UK business would suffer, with negotiations under way there is still a massive potential for uncertainty in the markets, however with a good company and a good strategy any person or company can succeed. If they have a good product and wish to expand they can succeed in any market condition. DS Smith the packaging company this week spent £722m in an 80% stake in a United States based packaging company. This expansion with their current footing should see them make a massive inroads into the most lucrative packaging market in the world. With the style of packing in the US is several years behind their European counterparts this could be the start of a revolution in their sector across the pond. Are their other potential companies who will spread their wings to diversify?

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