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Last Week

Last weeks Steve Shares was well followed and I have had requests to look into two companies by @RenjuJoseph7 for Metal tiger Plc and @Flames737 Hydrodec Group plc my thoughts are below.

Share Talk Event

Cardiff has limited tickets left and with a whole evening of companies and headliners I am not suprised… See the event and book here.

TipTV and Zak Mir

Steve Shares with TipTv this week updated the last week to get tickets for our Cardiff event on this Saturday coming and covered VAST Resources and TERN. Watch here.

Zak Mir has kindly produced charts for us this week. Look here.

This weeks stocks…

Unilever (ULVR) This week saw a low ball offer come in for holders of stock here and the share price has acted accordingly Kraft Heinz offered $143bn as a bid to takeover the owners of many tiop branded household items and names. The two parties have said that discussions will continue items said it would continue and hope a deal can be concluded. With these two individual company’s having the potential to combine their potential this will create a massive super giant company with worldwide potential. Will this be boycotted by share holders given the status of the brand and the business? Will shareholders see another potential bid in the pipeline or a no further offers release? Lets keep a close eye on this one…

URU Metals (URU) this week has seen massive gains so a well done to holders there, I have been asked weather there is still upside to come? What I will say is after the recent gains many holders might be looking to derisk and when most people look at the upside potential and the market cap versus the shares in issue to see a worthwhile gain it is potentially volatile at these levels… what news is there to come? From last year they said that a new work program planned for 2017 includes drill testing potential extensions of the nickel mineralisation, infill drilling, metallurgical studies and the completion of an updated mineral resource estimate. Lets hope that there is news flow and an updated investors presentation soon to see what the potential of the company is based on the lack of news flow over the last 3 months it is due and I wish holders well…

Metal Tiger (MTR) I was asked by @RenjuJoseph7 to cover them this week. Well it has been a mixed bag of news surrounding the company this week. Firstly with MOD Resources suspending its shares in reference to their T3 prospect stating ‘significant drill results’ of which metal tiger has a significant holding in. What is surprising is the shares closing down on the day of the announcement – The new zone showing Copper Sulphides over 75m should have been well received however this is a small part of the perceived overall issue that Metal Tiger has at present. With the grades at 2% copper and 32% silver this should prove to be an economic mine to take forward into production, however when looking into the size of the field it may be years away from knowing the potential size of the resource and from mining it.

Looking forward into the future with the company any new investor must do multiple research on multiple contracts holdings warrants etc it is almost too big to comprehend to many normal investors. With many investors playing the sell on news game and being momentum traders sold out on the news and caused the massive drop. Metal tiger being a dynamic and ever changing company are possibly not able to put out any prospectus because it will be out of date upon publishing. However any one giving a glance over any of the prospects will see that it is almost a self made fund with exposure over several markets through multiple company’s and investments. What will the future hold? With the sector seemingly in a turn around situation and the prospects in place only a small proportion of their assets will need to prove successful to see the potential gains that are possible with this share.

Hydrodec Group plc (HYR) ‘The clean tech industrial group’ has been asked for inclusion by @Flames737. This company looks like a very interesting prospect with the basis of the company being provided around eco friendly technology where they re-refine oils and waste products for sale to the end user. Their annual reports show a good upturn and make overs during the last year seem to have worked so is this the year for them? With material work overs and disposal of loss making sectors of their portfolio the company seems to made a new stable base on which to continue forward and it seems to be the settling at the bottom and the recent rises in the share price reflect this, the movement seems to have been made by longer term holders getting in early with a view to positive news flow in the coming months and what they hope will be a good year going forward. One for the watchlist.

Steve shares covered a number of businesses in previous issues and one that was well followed is TERN PLC (TERN) @Liamdillon_liam has again provided us with a comprehensive update and his thoughts on the business going forward.

In his initial summary on Tern (10p – MC of £11 million) He indicated that Tern weren’t very good at appraising the market on developments. That continues to be the case, much to the frustration of pi’s. Tern have at least updated what was a pretty amateur website.

However their flagship investment partner of which they own approx 57% partner have been providing updates via their own website.

People… They continue to attract very high calibre people as they grow the business, notably George Samenk ex CEO of McAfee who has joined as a non executive director.

Share Price… The share price has moved from October lows coinciding with a presentation Device Authority gave to the Tern broker Whitman Howard in mid January.

Developments… Device Authority continue to grow an impressive list of partnerships, recently adding AXIS, Amazon Web Services, General Electric and AT&T to add to PTC, Intel, Dell, IBM, Cumulocity and Symantec and Digicert who are a fast growing and award winning certificate authority recently launched Automated Device Provisioning ( powered by Device Authority ), and won an award at this weeks RSA security conference for best Medical Cybersecurity product. Interesting to see if Device Authority are part of that offering in what is a potentially lucrative market. And Dell and Device Authority recently hosted a webinar on securing IP surveillance cameras, again within a potentially lucrative market.

Potential for share price movement.

The market is waiting on some indication of revenues and/or increasing numbers of devices secured. Device Authority are certainly exposed to most of the major players in the internet of things (IOT). The market is forecast to really take off in 2017 as companies start to scale up trials. Product releases with only one or two of their partners should ensure a significant rerate in the share price.

Risks and Competition

With any growing company that may require funding there is the risk of placings. Last one was hugely discounted at 7p and that is a factor that limits the share price at the moment. However with Samsung as an advisor the hope is that either they or another tech company will invest directly into Device Authority.

In terms of competition there are lots of small and larger companies with claims of offering IOT security, and indeed Device Authority could be ranked alongside them. But the calibre of people on the Device Authority team would suggest there is something very interesting in their offering. And interesting that PTC with their own Axeda security offering regularly promote Device Authority as their security provider for their Thingworx platform.

Time will tell if Device Authority is the real deal but the partnerships, the people and the huge growth forecast for IOT over the next 10 years would suggest it should at least be on the watch lists of investors and pi’s.

What company’s do you consider undervalued and news items that the market has missed…? Let me know and I will announce via the next issue of Steve Shares…

My thought of the week

Donald Trump continues to impress the resources and infrastructure sectors in America with overhauls of doing away with the red tape. Have you exposed yourself to any upside potential businesses based in the USA? Do you wish to share your thoughts on these?

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