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I provide a roundup of Share Talks activities over the last week.

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Trending this week


Thank you for your feedback on my last publication, I have had several people ask me to help them with certain research items in regards to specific stocks. Most people are not within talk groups to ask fellow investors and traders about the company. If anyone wants to see what other chat groups are out there please feel free to contact me @slarratt1 and I will ask others to link you into the groups!

Thanks to @ShehnazPatel3 his Edenville Energy plc (EDL) summary was well received and others were starting to look into the potential of the company.

The Aminex (AEX) publication was met with several direct messages saying about the potential of the company was under the radar and should see better gains in the near future. I wish the best for all holders and there is now a talk group that has been set up for holders of the share.

If there is any shares that you would like to spread the news about let me know and I will cover these in ‘What’s on next’ in the next article.


Whats hot? Whats not?

The regulars…

(HNR) (CTAG) (88e)

News is still expected on all fronts in relation to these favourites, hope news comes soon for holders and I will be covering these stories as they develop.


Arbuthnot Banking Group PLC (ARBB)

An excellent quarterly report was released by the company this week. The group was fast tracking its base into the Manchester and north west market. The significant transactions in the first quarter of the year resulted in profits of over £225m, this equates to its current market cap. The Board are proposing to pay a special dividend of £3 per share, with the share price around the 1600p mark this represents a large dividend which equates to approximately £45 million. This will be paid on 18 November 2016 to shareholders on the register on 21 October 2016. With Dividend yields for the last two years having been circa 200% could this be a business to follow if they can repeat this every quarter? Are you invested in the company what are your long term goals?

Your thoughts and comments please on #starbb and tag me in @slarratt1


Strategic Minerals (SML)

At the top of the chat boards this week again is Strategic Minerals. Covered last week and has seen a gain in the share price since covering. With steady news flow and assets in place, talk is of an RNS to be reported soon, several comments of the CEO stating that news will be out shortly has people waiting in eager anticipation with the expected news. What effect are you expecting the next piece of news to have on the share price? With the share price trebling in the last few weeks is now a good time to get involved with the company? What are the hopes with future of Strategic Minerals?

Your thoughts and comments please on #stsml and tag me in @slarratt1


Vast Resources (VAST)

A volatile share price in recent times has seen the share price fall dramatically. The news of the placing of shares and open offer of warrants saw the share price drop to levels below the average for the month. The convertible loan notes was met with a flurry of sells, however with the cash being generated at Pickstone-Peerless and Manilla mines will these assets be enough to access this money without risk of any further funding in the future? Is this a longer term investment from these levels? Or is this a trade? What deal would long term holders have liked to see from the share?

Thoughts and comments on #stvast and tag me in @slarratt1


My thought of the week

With the highest point in the FTSE 100’s history being hit this week and the current exchange rates are there any sectors or industries that investors should be looking at investing in? or potentially avoiding? Do investors know about the bigger picture in regards to their shares and how the world’s markets will affect the companies they invest in?

Share Talk round up

Interviews and updates

Share Talk presents an article on how to avoid procrastination.

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Thor Mining (THOR)

Share Talk presents a Mining Maven presentation with the CEO of Thor Mining Mick Billing.

Watch him presenting at the Cote event here


Metal Tiger (MTR)

Share Talk presents ‘Thailand an investment opportunity’ with @Neil_Greetham

Read the article here

Share Talk spoke to Paul Johnson about the restructuring of Metal Tigers Board of Directors

Listen to the interview here


Share Talk presents Barbarian Investors Podcast with Anders Pals of DSX Cloud

Listen to the podcast here


Share Talk presents MiningMaven Investor Events with KGLD OTC EUA MKA BMR CGNR

View the article and book your place to avoid disappointment.

View the details here



Share Talk presents a Q&A with Eddy Travia, chief executive at Coinsilium

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Fox Marble (FOX)

Share Talk presents an interview with Chris Gilbert the CEO of Fox Marble about the exciting new projects with the Government of Kosovo.

Listen to the interview here


Share Talk presents London South East’s ‘Share Views’ with CEO Ken Kroeger speaking to Zak Mir about the tech era.

Watch the interview here


what’s on next…

@Dman487 has kindly given a write up on URU Metals

URU Metals (0.6p/£2m cap)

-23.17% of the voting Ordinary shares is not held in public hands.

-Last Placings at 1.5p and 0.4p majority taken by the BOD/connected parties

Ziebediela 100%

-Initially a three way JV with URU, SAN and UMNEX. In 2013 SAN and UMNEX had a dispute and the project put on hold. URU acted as mediator and agreed deals with SAN and then UMNEX to take the project 100%. The SAN holding the JV has been ascribed to URU and URU agreed a deal UMNEX for payment in cash and shares for $1.35m for the remaining 15%. Implies minimal project value in 2014 at $9m.

-Own 100% of Ziebediela upon government approval of transfer of 15% UMNEX shares to URU. UMNEX have already been paid equivalent $1.35m by URU in cash/shares for this.

-Following this any financing needs to be at a minimum 1.5p

-37mt Nickel based on 500mt indicated and another 1.1m inferred tonnes.

-Company have been on record to transform the project economics by:-

-NPV doesn’t include significant iron concentrate/magnetite potential which is being evaluated but no complex processing or untested recovery procedures will be needed. “shareholders will benefit substantially from the additional cash we aim to generate from the magnetite by-product we will recover”

Converting part of the 1.1bn tonnes ore from inferred to indicated

NPV only based on section of licence evaluating and working on upgrading the inferred resource, , increasing the size and pit depth beyond the current depth

-It is the 12th Largest Nickel Mine in the WORLD on current resource, potentially in worlds top ten in the world upon conversion of part of inferred to indicated

-low quartile cost, opencast nickel project

-From the links URU were to apply to convert its exploration licences to mining licences early in 2017. This suggests the project has interest and once approval for the remaining 15% UMNEX shares to URU then deals will be on the table quickly

-Philippine nickel exports are expected to drop by 30%. Same thing happened with Indonesia years back and Nickel price increased by 50%

-FX rate changes – £ fell 30% to the $ since PFS, that converts NPV to higher market valuation

-As per last finals “a comprehensive project update on its flagship property Zebedielia will be provided by the end of October 2016”

-Old PFS study, CAPEX and OPEX at $3.88 lb (approx $8k per tonne) , Nickel currently $4.65 lb (approx. $10k per tonne). The plan is for a 20,000 tonne of nickel to be produced, $2k profit per tonne x 20,000 = $40m

-NPV8 in 2014 at $14k per tonne is $1bn. At $10k per tonne and including the magnetite by product, the potential movement of resource from inferred to indicated, the fx rate changes, the NPV could easily be $700m – $1bn.


Burgersfort 50%

-a joint venture between South African Nickel and BSC Resources

-previous exploration of this site by Gold Fields and Falconbridge identified several shallow disseminated nickel targets and three deeper massive sulphide nickel targets.

– Three major targets have already been identified on the property and believed to be Zebediela’s twin sister

Your thoughts and comments on the potential of the company and is there a chat group for anyone interested?

@wayne_lomax1 commented on picking up some fox marble. And @DanCButler said he has got his hands on some as well…

@Me32063 commented on the production potential of #LEK and their current operations…

Your thoughts and comments please on these new company’s covered by Steve Shares

Any news flow due soon in the stocks and shares that you are investing in? Let me know your thoughts and comments #stwon and tag me in @slarratt1 so I can know what is hot for news…

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