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I provide a roundup of Share Talks activities over the last week.

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Trending this week


Thank you for your feedback on the last publication of Steve Shares, I put a round up in relation to Alecto Minerals (ALO) in last weeks publication with an expected news flow section, I received an email from a member from LSE bulletin boards. I remedied the situation with the individual on the open board. I welcome anyone that spots anything non factual to contact me so as people can get full and open facts. The round up by @chris_mullen on Seeing Machines (SEE) was also met with a good response, a big thank you for his comprehensive roundup.

If there is a share or person on social media that you would like to spread the news about or say thanks to let me know and I will cover these in ‘What’s on next’ in the next publication of Steve Shares

Whats hot? Whats not?

The regulars…

88 Energy (88e)
Still awaiting further news in reference to the remaining 50% potential oil in place and details on the up and coming land purchase. What are your guesses in reference to these two pieces of news?

Highlands Natural Resources (HNR)
Highlands natural resources holders are awaiting the next piece of news to see if the share price moves. What are your thoughts on when this will come?

Let me know about 88e and HNR on #STREG and tag me in @slarratt1

Trending this week

CloudTag (CTAG)
After their last fund raise in September, of £550,000 at 15.5 pence. The last thing on a lot of peoples minds was a fund raise. CloudTag Inc raised £4.1 million this week by issuing senior unsecured zero coupon convertible notes to an unnamed overseas institutional investor, with a 12-month term and issued at 10% discount to their nominal value of £4.5 million. CloudTag also said it has received a non-binding purchase order for its product from its European distributor Second Chance Ltd. The order, for which a delivery date still needs to be agreed, would have a value of £880,000.

CloudTag said that, while Second Chance is unlikely to achieve its order commitment of US$5.2 million in 2016, it is inclined to extend the agreement with Second Chance into 2017, as there were mitigating factors such as its decision in September to move its manufacturing to a larger manufacturer.

Is this after recent highs an opportunity to attract new investors? Would you have liked to see alternative funding options? With the second tranche of the shares needing shareholder approval will you be voting for or against this? Let me know on #STAG and tag me in @slarratt1

Mosman Oil & Gas Ltd (MSMN)
Mosman Oil & Gas Ltd said it has agreed to acquire an 80% stake in a producing oil asset in the United States this week.

Mosman, through its newly-formed Cue Energy Resources Ltd subsidiary, will buy an 80% stake in the Pine Mills oil field in Wood County, Texas. It will pay $975,000 in cash to acquire the asset.

The field has 15 producing wells and oil production in excess of 100 barrels per day for the past four months at the site. With Pine Mills proven reserves of 373,000 barrels and with all of the equipment and infrastructure needed to operate the field, is this a good mid term production prospect? What other mews flow is expected? Your thoughts and comments please on #STMSMN and tag me in @slarratt1

Sepura (SEPU)
Covered by Steve Shares in September, with the shareprice in the very low teens, it seemed to be under priced based against the expected news flow. This week Chinese company Hytera Communications Corp confirmed it is holding preliminary talks about a takeover bid. Holders are discussing potential prices that could be offered. With the historical share price over the last year being around £1 what do holders and traders hope to see in relation to any offer that may be tabled? Your thoughts and comments please on #STSEPU

My thought of the week

This week has seen the news that the person dubbed the most powerful person on the planet ‘The president of the United States of America’ is Donald Trump. After shaky starts to the markets they rallied and normal service was resumed. This I think was not expected by many and the shock all over media showed the picture. As compared to Brexit there was no scaremongering as to the economy will fail if the vote went one way or the other. One thing people have not picked up on is that with the worlds economy’s being in the doldrums since the 2007 era is now the time to see what he can do to help their economy as a proven business man? People have possibly forgotten that during the crashes our own government went to seek advice from Sir Alan Sugar, now they have the American equivalent leading from the front how do envisage his term? During his term will we see Brexit take effect and have a shift in the major markets worldwide? Are their any markets or sectors that will outperform others? Are you seeking safe havens during these changes away from the status quo of leaderships?

Share Talk round up

Conkers Corner

@conkers3 spoke with @NicTrades Nicola Duke. Nic works for a Fund is also highly sought after for her trading and technical analysis expertise, covering up to 36 markets, including Oil, FX, Metals and grains.

Nic is from an Army family and so moved around a lot. She joined the Royal Air Force as a Commissioned Officer and Air Traffic Controller in 1988 and completed her role with the RAF in 1992. After successfully attaining her Civilian Authorities Air Traffic Control qualifications Nic went onto work at Heathrow in 1992. Shortly after starting at Heathrow Nic discovered that a Hedge Fund had recruited some Air Traffic Controllers to see if they could make good Traders. After that Nic interests in trading and investing were reinvigorated and she was determined to teach herself how to become a professional Trader.

Nic’s Technical Analysis based trading strategy is sought after globally as she is a recognised technical charting specialist. Listen now to gain insights into how Nic trades and learn from the lessons in her successful, insightful investing and trading journey. Plus the benefits of charting as a purely Technical trader and finding a simple strategy using Technical Analysis, trading Indices, Stocks and FX.

Listen and gain insight into his investment journey here

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What’s On Next…

URU Metals (URU)
I covered URU Metals and I have been passed a roundup of the share, people are still questioning the cashflow situation going forward, what are your thoughts?

URU Metals
(0.7p/£2.3mn mcap)

-23.17% of the voting Ordinary shares is not held in public hands.

-Last Placings at 1.5p and 0.4p majority taken by the BOD/connected parties
Ziebediela 100%

-Initially a three way JV with URU, SAN and UMNEX. In 2013 SAN and UMNEX had a dispute and the project put on hold. URU acted as mediator and agreed deals with SAN and then UMNEX to take the project 100%. The SAN holding the JV has been ascribed to URU and URU agreed a deal UMNEX for payment in cash and shares for $1.35m for the remaining 15%. Implies minimal project value in 2014 at $9m.

-Own 100% of Ziebediela upon government approval of transfer of 15% UMNEX shares to URU. UMNEX have already been paid equivalent $1.35m by URU in cash/shares for this.

-Following this any financing needs to be at a minimum 1.5p

-37mt Nickel based on 500mt indicated and another 1.1m inferred tonnes.

-Company have been on record to transform the project economics by:-

-NPV doesn’t include significant iron concentrate/magnetite potential which is being evaluated but no complex processing or untested recovery procedures will be needed. “shareholders will benefit substantially from the additional cash we aim to generate from the magnetite by-product we will recover”
Converting part of the 1.1bn tonnes ore from inferred to indicated
NPV only based on section of licence evaluating and working on upgrading the inferred resource, , increasing the size and pit depth beyond the current depth

-It is the 12th Largest Nickel Mine in the WORLD on current resource, potentially in worlds top ten in the world upon conversion of part of inferred to indicated

-low quartile cost, opencast nickel project

-From the links URU were to apply to convert its exploration licences to mining licences early in 2017. This suggests the project has interest and once approval for the remaining 15% UMNEX shares to URU then deals will be on the table quickly

-Philippine nickel exports are expected to drop by 30%. Same thing happened with Indonesia years back and Nickel price increased by 50%

-FX rate changes – £ fell 30% to the $ since PFS, that converts NPV to higher market valuation

-As per last finals “a comprehensive project update on its flagship property Zebedielia will be provided by the end of October 2016”

-Old PFS study, CAPEX and OPEX at $3.88 lb (approx $8k per tonne) , Nickel currently $4.65 lb (approx. $10k per tonne). The plan is for a 20,000 tonne of nickel to be produced, $2k profit per tonne x 20,000 = $40m

-NPV8 in 2014 at $14k per tonne is $1bn. At $10k per tonne and including the magnetite by product, the potential movement of resource from inferred to indicated, the fx rate changes, the NPV could easily be $700m – $1bn.
Burgersfort 50%

-a joint venture between South African Nickel and BSC Resources

-previous exploration of this site by Gold Fields and Falconbridge identified several shallow disseminated nickel targets and three deeper massive sulphide nickel targets.

– Three major targets have already been identified on the property and believed to be Zebediela’s twin sister
Any news flow due soon in the stocks and shares that you are investing in? Let me know your thoughts and comments #stwon and tag me in @slarratt1 so I can know what is hot for news…

“The views expressed are the author’s own and all readers should do their own research and seek appropriate financial and regulated stockbroker advice.”

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