Share Talk have lost a special friend: God Bless Bradley

God Bless Bradley

Share Talk will fall silent today out of respect for friends & family x

l take no pleasure in publishing this update, we are devastated at Share Talk to learn that Bradley has lost his fight for his life. Only last year we talked about raising funds to send Bradley to the US. Make no mistake about it, we are only a very small part of an amazing effort to raise awareness for children who are suffering with these illness.

We will support other local children in their fight for life and what ever direction the Bradley family charity chose to support, Share Talk will support!

As MD of Share Talk, living only 4 miles from Bradley’s family home and in these early hours writing this, l am personally devastated.  I can only imaging what the hurt Bradley family are felling right now, l have sent messages to close family associates and offered support.

In the North East of England, we are a close bunch, Bradley’s family home in Shotton Colliery, Co Durham is a close community, they will be feeling the pain today.

Bradley’s achievements are for all to see, the world  is a brighter place “WHY” because a 6 year old boy love has touched everyone he has come in to contact and his legacy will live on.

Trust me when l say his legacy will live on and his family will carry on helping less fortunate children.

Crazy thing to say, in these early hour’s of this morning, l fell like i have lost a loved one close to me, l can assure you looking across social media, the felling it mutual. One should not type away on red wine with the feeling of despondent, self pity, Lynn l hope you read this, my message’s are sent with love.

Cherish life’s little moments and never take anything for granted, my heart goes out to Bradley’s  family and friends today x


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