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Last Week

Last weeks Steve Shares was well followed and had a lot of messages in relation to TipTv and the UK Investors show and the forward hopes in working with the Syndicate Room and the Nex Exchange. Thanks for your messages.



This week I covered an old favourite of mine in Highland Natural Resources (HNR) and a potentially unloved company in Empyrean Energy (EME) which looks like a good potential prospect. The write up is below but as ever you can Watch here:

This weeks stocks…

URU Metals (URU)

A week of ups and downs and accusations on social media platforms of manipulation after two pieces of news were released back to back. Firstly an announcement in the RNS saying a small delay, the market makers again manipulated and misrepresented buys as sells and saw lots of people jumping out on the hope of buying back in lower. The delay in drilling, while it undertakes metallurgical test work at its Zebediela nickel project, in South Africa are to assess the potential of using acid leaching to process nickel mineralisation. Although this could result in capital expenditure savings would it not be prudent to further define the resource and potentially find additional resource? Delays cost money to investors after all ! A revised drill programme will follow the metallurgical results. With 3 months of promises and a new direction can the company be trusted? With rumours from posters saying massive news coming soon and targets of 4p on the cards after director dealings and placings at 4.5p is there any real share price moving news on the horizon? The last few months of news with promises of drilling to start in January and a non start investment in Management Resources (MRS) to date and a Market Cap of circa 20 Million is it a case of to much risk to attract new investors? Is this merely a traders stock for the shorter term? As ever time will tell…

Proxama (PROX)

With two businesses in two different sectors it is easy to see why this company could be attracting potential investors from recent news items. They have just received £1.8 million from Darwin from convertible loan notes and they have now completed all transactions with the company so are now ‘gone’ which was well received from long term investors and are expecting that normal bounce from them being cleared. With the award of a contract as part of a collaboration from Innovate UK, the UK’s Innovation agency which is to design and implement a smart transportation model for the Greater Manchester City Region and have £300,000 from a contract payable over the next 18 months that was awarded at the start of march and will start in Q2. This is the fourth grant awarded by Innovate UK to Proxama. So shows their business model works. With current cash in the bank being circa around their current Market Capitalisation how high could it bounce? Will there be a need for additional funding in the near term as they have a high cash burn in this sector?


With so many company’s doing recent fund raises and with so many different options and costs involved what do you hope and expect from a progressing company as it continues its journey going forward? A higher share price with each fund raise? A fair joint venture partner who has deep pockets to produce an asset? No loans attached to share issues? No heavy dilution or discounts to the current share price? Please share your thoughts and comments with me…

What company’s do you consider undervalued and news items that the market has missed…? Let me know and I will announce via the next issue of Steve Shares…

My thought of the week

I again wish to thank everyone who attended the master investors and UK investors show this last two weekends, it was good to network and open new working opportunities and to meet old and make new friends alike. Hope to see you at Mines and Money the next major event on the event calendar. The major question is what did you takeaway from these events? Are they worth coming to from further afield?

Share Talk round up – Interviews and updates


In a new daily feature from Mon-Thu we take a look at FTSE performance and Mark Johnson’s stock of the day followed by ‘Boss of the day’. We managed to get Mark over 100 views on YouTube for the first time on Thursday and we look forward to seeing what he has to say next week. Stocks covered this week include Sophos Securities and McCarthy & Stone. Mark also took a look at his best and worst performing shares for the first quarter. Watch Mark’s videos below and follow him on twitter on @MJonBiz

Conkers Corner

@conkers3 had the pleasure of speaking with Rodney Hobson @RodneyHobson, who is a journalist, author investor, fiction crime writer and presenter. Rodney was born in a village near Stockport far removed from the world of finance and investing. He states “If I can get into finance and investment so can anyone else”. As a youngster Rodney always enjoyed writing and wanted to be a journalist. He obtained a degree in politics and economics after joining his local newspaper group, the Sheffield Morning Telegraph as a sub-editor and four years later joined The Times he then became deputy business editor of the Far Eastern Economic Review, this was Rodney’s first steps into Financial journalism.

Rodney has since been a freelancer, mainly working for The Times and the Daily Mail City desk, as well as Editor of Shares Magazine and two financial websites.


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TipTv Stockwatch

The first company I covered was Empyrean energy (EME).

They have prospective oil and gas assets. Last year like many company’s Empyrean saw a new direction in the business, this has caused a suppressed share price and now has a market capitalisation of under £10 million. Part of that redirection was the sale of their part ownership of its 3% working interest in the Marathon Oil project. This has resulted with payments after the sale and they were in receipt of US$2.6mn recently. Back in December they were awarded a permit for 100% of the exploration rights for a Block which is 1800 square kilometres in size located in the Pearl River Mouth Basin area, the project is located offshore China. The location is what looks interesting to me in the fact that it is potentially in an Excellent location.

To the north there is a large already producing field of conventional oil. Also looking at recent news articles there have been discoveries immediately to the West and South. With the acreage being in this area it is partially de risked. They have been Using existing 2D seismic data and they have identified 2 targets called Jade and Topaz. Their future work programme is anticipated to be funded by existing cash resources. Empyrean are looking at acquiring and want to complete processing and technical evaluation of 500 km2 of 3D seismic of which they are in the last stages of negotiating the costings. They have Gaz Bisht as an independent advisor who has a very thorough understanding of the region via his previous work in the area and it is this alliance that I believe that has allowed them to obtain this project which should provide a massive potential upside. When looking at the previous mentions of Aminex at £170mn market cap with gas, and 88e at £122mn Market cap with shale about to do a drill to flow test it shows the potential upside in place upon any discovery…

Highlands Natural Resources (HNR)

With two business arms they have DT Ultravert which is a unique fracking technology and has partnerships with Schlumberger and Calfrac. They also have two main asset projects in the USA. They are developing the Helios 2 Project, where two wells have been drilled on the project to date. With natural gas concentrations of around 90% and helium content in play with similar quantities to world-class Hugoton field in Kansas. There are forward plans to develop this field in place and should do well given time and patience.

The second play is in Colorado where they have partnered with Renegade Oil & Gas and a major international oil and gas producer, Highlands plans to drill up to 24 wells in the highly prolific Niobrara shale play and is located in close proximity to numerous wells that have produced in excess of 100,000 barrels of oil in their first six months of production. The asset is a considerably de-risked project from a geologic and reservoir perspective. Thursday night it was announced by @DI4MOND55 who has championed the share for the last year, that the permits have been approved for the drilling but as of yet the company has not released this to the market so expect that news very soon!

Let me know what should be in next weeks article and I will report on the shares that matter to you…

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