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Welcome to Steve Shares. This publication is an interactive weekly update on what’s happening over social media and the trending stocks that have made the news this week. I highlight and comment on the coming news and events in connection with the trending stocks. I provide a round up of Share Talk’s key company interviews over the last week. If you think that a certain share or a key news item should be reported on be in the next edition, let me know by contacting me. My details are at the bottom of the page…

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Last Week

Last week’s Steve Shares was well followed and had a lot of messages in relation to my weekly appearance on TipTv where I have been quoted as supposedly covering a stock based in the North Sea? Anyone that listened in and watched the TipTv piece would clearly see that the two companies were based in the Far East and in the USA and Mexico. These could not be any further from the North Sea! However, I thank you for your messages in relation to this and many people that were negative towards my selections, have now after talking, become followers! So, a big thank you for taking the time and efforts to contact and converse with me. No truer saying than “It’s good to talk!”. As I say, listen to all, but know who to trust, yourself!



This week there was no TipTv show as it was the Good Friday Easter Bank Holiday but given the uncertainty from last week I will leave a link to the full video here:

This weeks stocks…

URU Metals (URU) and Management Resource Solutions plc (MRS)

URU Metals was well followed last week and good discussions of why the change in direction were discussed openly on twitter. I said that the delays and change of strategy will hurt shareholders of URU and cost them money and this week has proven the same. News of the presentation held new hopes of highs after the weekend as well as lots more chatter about potential new on MRS. New released by both company’s was of a placing this week from MRS that URU would like to take place in. with the business ready to delist from the market this cash injection into the business could be a transformational time. With MRS being an old favourite on social media several months back what are thoughts about the proposed offer? Will shareholders be taking place in the placing or will they be looking towards adding funds to URU? What are people’s thoughts that he is using one of his company’s to fund his other?

Ascent Resources (AST)

Image result for ascent resources

A good week for holders of Ascent Resources shares. Covered since the lows and over the recent highs from 1-3p and to its current levels just above 2p Steve shares would like to say well done to the team and holders alike. The change from an exploration to a producer is normally met with a lot of questions from shareholders as to what the potential further upside is in the share price, and non-shareholders asking is this a good entry price. With revenues being unknown at present but more drills about to come online as well as the potential issue of the IPPC Permit and recent highs of 3p this may well be a stable longer term hold, as always time will tell.

Saffron Energy (SRON)

Image result for saffron energy

Covered from February, this seems to be under the radar still too many investors. This week saw the news that the Government has approved production at the company’s 90% owned Bezzecca field which has the means to sell gas to market this month. The company will be into production and will hopefully see the figures of the flow rates and sales very soon. Fully funded and ready to see production from 3 wells from year end and being fully funded with cash income may see dividends being paid. Only being listed over the last few weeks shows the levels of the board of directors in getting the company from where it was to where it is. One to watch!

What companies do you consider undervalued and news items that the market has missed…? Let me know and I will announce via the next issue of Steve Shares…

My thought of the week

With Easter upon us thoughts turn to holidays and that of chocolate. With the Easter being the start of the summer warmth I have seen a lot of investors moving money out of shorter term holdings into longer term holds. Has investing become a seasonal occupation or hobby for some? If investors are that tied to screens to keep an eye on their investments, does that show they don’t have the timescales or knowledge of their company’s mapped out? Are they not happy with their levels of exposure?

Share Talk round up – Interviews and updates

Conkers Corner

In what I will dub as his finest hour this week saw the interview with Jim Mellon which was recorded at the Master Investors Show. Jim Mellon has been there and done it all and has gone from a millionaire and should at some point in the near future become a self-made billionaire with luck and vision. Watch here:

If new followers of Steve Shares have not had a listen to Conkers Corner podcasts I would encourage you to go and have a listen to some amazing stories and how you yourself could possibly go from rags to riches with a sound attitude and a bit of luck in life. His articles can be found here and can be downloaded for listening whilst out and about:


Share Talk presents an interview with Gaz Bisht who is an Independent Consultant to Empyrean Energy, Listen here:

Share Talk presents an interview with Aidan Bishop, founder and Executive Director and Charles Barclay, Executive Director and COO of Bluebird Merchant Ventures Ltd, Listen here:

Share Talk presents an interview with Paul Johnson CEO of MetalNRG, Listen here:

Share Talk presents an interview with Michael Masterman CEO of Saffron Energy, Listen Here:

Share Talk presents an interview with Michael Masterman Chairman of W Resources, Listen here:

Share Talk has presented lots of other articles and can be found here


Taking the stress out of stocks… Mark Johnson takes a look at what is hot (and not) on the FTSE this week.

Let me know what should be in next weeks article and I will report on the shares that matter to you…

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